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Author Topic: Science  (Read 3762 times)

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Re: Science
« Reply #60 on: February 17, 2016, 04:19:12 pm »
25 Scientific Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The one that flabbergasted me was the statement that the human body puts out more heat per unit volume than the sun.  I find that hard to believe. I am sure that they used Hess's law to come up with that.   

Hess's law is a brute force INDIRECT measurement of heat (i.e. enthalpy=energy) of formation of chemical compounds that ignores magnetic forces, nuclear physics forces AND biological enzyme heat reduction in chemical reactions.

I've gone round and round with my wife the chemist on this (and RE at the diner too!). 

My point is that the enzymes reshape the substrate temporarily, thereby making it a DIFFERENT chemical compound energywise with the same elements in number and mass. This enzyme massaged chemical compound has BOTH a lower energy of activation AND a lower amount of OVERALL heat released THROUGHOUT the reaction when the reaction on it takes place.

Hess's law looks at chemical bonds as having a FIXED amount of energy needed to break them (exothermic) or make them (endothermic). This assumption is valid in non-living chemical processes. I claim that it is NOT valid in living processes.

I claim that enzymes, otherwise known as catalysts, REDUCE the total energy output of a biological chemical reaction, even though the enzyme itself is not changed. This flies in the face of accepted thermodynamics and the Law of Conservation of Energy. So, I have a very difficult time convincing chemists that I have a valid argument.  :(

Nevertheless, as the above video points out, the cause of gravity (which is, like magnetism, a form of attraction of masses) is not well understood. No scientist will claim that your refrigerator magnet uses any energy to remain sticking to your refrigerator against the forces of gravity.

But the same scientist must admit that it will take energy for you to pull it off;D

My hypothesis is supported by science in regard to the mechanism that enzymes (biological catalysts far more complex than the industrial catalysts our crude heat, beat and treat industrial processes rely on ) use to lower the energy of activation to start a chemical reaction.

But, the second part of my hypothesis, which states that the enzyme, due to the magnetic distortion it forces on a chemical compound substrate WITHOUT any measurable release of energy, lowers the overall  enthalpy=heat=energy, NOT just the activation enthalpy=heat=energy of said chemical reaction, PARTICULARLY in exothermic (energy release instead of energy absorbing) chemical reactions, is rejected because it gives Hess's Law a huge headache. That "headache" is that it appears to violate the "law" of conservation of energy.  ;D

So, go ahead, pull that magnet off the refrigerator and tell me you used the same amount of energy to put it there as to pull it off.   

So, go ahead, tell me an industrial catalyst on exactly the same chemical compound found in the human body, according to Hess's Law, releases exactly the same amount of energy when a biological enzyme acts on it to produce exactly the same products as the industrial catalyst does. 

Hess's Law is the basis of virtually all the assumptions on thermodynamics that science has today. It is very useful because of the difficulty of measuring the energy released by some chemical reactions.

But if what goes on inside us was as Hess's Law of enthalpy of formation DICTATES, we would exceed the outer temperature boundary required by homeostasis and die. There is no homeostasis on the sun. Homeostasis is sine qua non to life. We do not overheat because enzymes apparently get around the law of conservation of energy by some mechanism that we do not understand. I am not saying that they ACUALLY violate the law of conservation of energy. I am saying that the law of conservation of energy is improperly accounted for in Hess's "Law".

You may assume that I am all wet. But someday, science will admit that enzymes, due to extremely complex magnetic arrangements in their design, save far more energy during their existence as biological chemical reaction mediators than was used by the human body to manufacture them. 

"All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed, only to emerge all the more triumphantly from the struggle."  Nikola Tesla.
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