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Author Topic: Non-routine News  (Read 6628 times)

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Re: Non-routine News
« Reply #75 on: April 22, 2016, 10:20:56 pm »

What are the most ironic ways people have died throughout history?   ???

Luc Sánchez

From: 10 Most Ironic Deaths In The History That Are Hard To Believe


The owner of the Segway company, Jimi Heseldon, died after he drove off a cliff while riding a Segway.

Garry Hoy, a lawyer in a Toronto law firm, died while attempting to prove to a group of students that the glass in the Toronto-Dominion Centre was unbreakable. Hoy threw himself through a glass wall on the 24th story. The glass did not break, but the window frame gave away and Hoy fell to his death.

Jerome Moody drowned at a pool party. The irony in this is that the pool party was held by lifeguards celebrating their first drowning-free swimming season. His body was found at the bottom of the pool after the party ended.

Michael Anderson Godwin, a convicted murderer who was at first sentenced to an electric chair but later had his sentence overturned to life imprisonment, accidentally electrocuted himself while sitting on a metal toilet seat in his prison cell.

Jim Fixx, a guy who wrote a best-selling book on the benefits of jogging, died from a heart attack while jogging.  :o  :P

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a woman wrongly declared dead by doctors, died of shock from a heart attack after waking up at her own funeral.  :(

Clement Vallandighan, a lawyer that was representing a defendant in the court against murder case, shot himself while trying to prove to the jury that the victim had accidentally shot himself and his client was innocent. He died but he won the case.

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