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Author Topic: Non-routine News  (Read 6628 times)

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Re: Non-routine News
« Reply #75 on: January 04, 2016, 03:18:43 pm »
I just want to add that several years ago, when I learned of the hypothesis that our moon was the result of a blow from an asteroid that ejected it into orbit around the earth, I realized that it explained a LOT about the large size of the dinosaurs. Unlike sea creatures, which can get quite large despite the present gravity, land creatures are limited by physiology and bones density and leverage limitations.

Although the idiots out there will scoff, the math HAS been done and the only way dinosaurs could have gotten that big (modern elephant anatomy and physiology has have been compared as proof) was if the gravity was lower. A large asteroid striking the earth would explain the radical slowing of rotation (more perceived gravity through less centrifugal force) and the increase in gravity due to increased mass.

At any rate, I am convinced that earth, for whatever reason, had a more rapid rotation and less gravity due to less mass in the past. The Earth expanded. The relatively YOUNG age of the ocean beds is geologic evidence of that.

The expanding earth hypothesis does not mention the Gulf of Mexico strike. It should. I think that is the missing piece in the explanation of our moon and the large increase in Earth's mass.

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