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Author Topic: Lost Cities and Civilizations  (Read 27162 times)

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Re: Lost Cities and Civilizations
« Reply #60 on: May 28, 2019, 12:58:36 pm »

The 12,000 Year old Comet 🌠 that Landed on TEDTalks…and Erased Ancient Civilization - Greenland Crater

Bright Insight

Published on Dec 11, 2018

NASA recently discovered of a massive, 19-mile (31km) wide crater, found hidden underneath Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier.

This crater is the result of an asteroid impact, from a nearly 1 mile-wide mountain of iron, weighing somewhere around, get this, 11-12 BILLION tons, and was traveling at approximately 12 MILES per second - which is equivalent to more than 43,000 miles per hour - when it slammed into the earth some 12,000 years ago – And…with the mind-boggling force of essentially a 700-megaton bomb.

And without a doubt, THIS is the reason why there is so much mystery and why we know so little about lost Ancient human civilization

Excellent video. Well worth the time.

Agreed. In view of what we are learning about the Greenland hit, it is also quite possible that the nice curve in Hudson Bay (see below) got there by a rather large meteor hit. If any people inhabited North America when THAT ONE HIT, they were wiped out, along with all the megafauna that scientists (erroneously, IMHO) think were wiped out by human predators. I know most will vigorously disagree, but the fact is that a meteor that size would certainly melt all the ice it hit, causing a flood so massive in what is now the lower 48 that a canyon we call the Grand Canyon would be formed in a few days, not "millions of years", as geologists believe, with all that melt water thousands of feet high rushing away from the impact site in all directions. It does not matter that the rockies are "uphill" from the impact site, for impact force reasons and another logical reason. That is, an impact that huge probably is partly responsible for those rockies being thrust up in the first place, though the prevailing plate techtonics theory claims they were thrust up gradually over millions of years.

No matter what they say, just look at that circle. You know the elliptical shape left by a bullet at an angle. This hit had to be pretty perpendicular, and from the shape of the rest of Hudson Bay, coming from east to west. Look at those islands near the circle center. There is always a lot of bounceback from the ground in the center of a meteor hit. Those islands are more evidence of a massive meteor hit creating Hudson Bay, whether the geologists want to accept that or not.

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