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Author Topic: Human Life is Fragile but EVERY Life is Valuable  (Read 10333 times)

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What could be more important for a healthy psychology than a sense of purpose?  Without purpose what type of a life can be lived?  Purpose is not something that you can fool yourself into either.  I'm not referring to the purpose of family life.  If you are married, your purpose can be to be a good spouse, and if you have kids, your purpose can be to be a good parent to your children.  Those things are purpose with a lower case "p."  They are important, but we all have our own unique purpose for being here.  Or do we?

That statement is one of belief.  I want to believe that there is a purpose for me and everybody else on Earth.  To believe otherwise seems to be the germination of Nihilism.  If there is no purpose to my life than there is no purpose to anything else. 

The things that I am advocating for in my life are important.  Specifically I'm referring to Bamboo and Permaculture.  For me the two go hand in hand.  Both are fringe topics.  Permaculture comes from the margins of society.  My favorite principle is the 11th one: use edges and value the marginal.  Permaculture itself is marginal in our society, and within that margin, on the margin of Permaculture, bamboo is there.  Even in the Permaculture community bamboo is seen mostly as just another invasive.  It's the most useful plant to our species that grows on this planet.  How is it that it is such a hatted plant?  I believe this hatred goes directly to the root of our anti-cultures dysfunction.  That dysfunction begins with privacy fences on property lines.  Property lines being the main dysfunction (closely tied up with money of course).  Bamboo does not respect property lines.  It goes right under fences, and with enough time will cross a road bed.  It's also the most useful plant to our species!  Yet in our anti-culture it is the most hated!  Why!!!  Are we ultimately an anti-culture composed of sadist and masochist? 

Then there is Permaculture itself.  It's antithetical to the conventional suburban landscape of monocultured grass and shrubbery, just as bamboo is. 

My purpose is to advance bamboo and Permaculture into our anti-culture in an effort to do what needs to be done for a life of lower per capita energy.  Because we will eventually get that life, if they don't blow us all up with the "mother of all bombs" first.  Yet, holding that purpose I go forth with small engines to make money managing the typical suburban landscape.  The "greatest misallocation of wealth in the history of the world." 

I'm all the time fighting to advance the usefulness of bamboo and permaculture all while pouring gasoline into my hemi and mower and plethora of other small engines.  I burn gasoline everyday to make money.  We all do this in the working first world.  We have to.  I have no choice.  But why?  You never end up with enough money either.  Everybody works because they need money, and we all come up short and use credit.  Extend and pretend goes all the way to the lowest level of poverty that's just above mailbox money.  Many times in the recent past I have said "what's the **** point in working so hard?"  My efforts are met by more financial obligations, and there is never enough money no matter how much I make.  Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up and just being a shitbag in line for some mailbox money. 

I'm told that what I am doing is of the utmost importance.  "The world needs you," my mentor says.  The world needs me because of my unique understanding and knowledge on bamboo.  Apparently the world is hungry for bamboo experts.  It's a similar story with permaculture.  The world needs me for that as well...to advance that sanity.  This must be a tired old story that has always been throughout all of the ages.  That which is most important gets pushed to the margins, and hated...or at the very least ignored.  Money is repelled by importance.  The more important something is the less money is available for it. 

I'm struck lately by how this works.  What I'm doing is so important and yet I have to spend the majority of my time worried about acquiring money.  It seems to me that if what I'm doing is so important then I should not be worried about money.  If it's so important then where is all of the money that should be helping to advance these causes?  It makes my life feel like a delusion. 

I have been struggling lately to maintain a belief in purpose.  My destiny is bamboo, and I'm starting to wonder if that's a good thing?  My destiny is hated by the majority of our anti-culture.  Out here on the furthest reaches of the margins, where even the marginal argue my cause...it is lonely.  I've begun developing a hatred for my species and it's ignorance and stupidity.  My vital energy has been declining.  I'm growing tired of the fight. 

Me too. However, we all make a series of decisions in life that require that we honor the good ones and learn not to repeat the bad ones as we live, observe and learn.

Nurturing the lives of those that depend on you is part of the package for you, as it is for me and Eddie. It ain't always a lot of fun, but it is part of your purpose in life. A horse drawing a cart with his family in it would be a type of metaphor for anybody that starts a family. It has become part of your responsibility to haul that cart.

RE says the main thing is to respect oneself. Well, I CANNOT DO THAT if I act irresponsibly. RE's argument to Eddie ignores the fact that being a provider is part and parcel of Eddie's self worth calculus, as it is mine and yours. We can't just ignore what we have contracted responsibly for. RE didn't make that contract, so he has, technically speaking, a lower threshold of physical requirements that he must meet to continue respecting himself. 

LD, in regard to your purpose in permaculture work and bamboo growing efforts, I think what is getting you down is a low level of peer group acceptance (we all have to deal Maslow's hierarchy) from humans around you that you interpret correctly as lack of respect for your efforts on behalf of the biosphere.

Furthermore, you are keenly ware of the vital importance of those activities you engage in for the future of mankind in general and your offspring in particular.

Your anger at the willful and destructive ignorance of humans who do not value such activities, while they value highly some commercial baloney or feel good propaganda, is a logical and reasonable threat response being activated. The fact that you see that anger as being misanthropic is normal. When I first began to feel that way, I felt the same.

But now I realize that it is NOT because I "hate" those dummies that I get angry. On the contrary, it is because you (and I) CARE for them that you/we get angry. 

True, nothing I said will make you feel any better. I know because I'm where you are quite often.

The only thing I recommend that may offer you some justification for everything you do that is good is considering what would happen if, all of a sudden, you weren't there?

You may, as I have often done, wish that you had never been born. But more likely, you will see, as I have also done when I thought about it for a while, all the BAD STUFF that would have happened if you were not there to prevent it from happening.

Therefore, my friend and brother, I ask you to do what is, and always has been, very hard for me to do. YET, somehow, I have managed to do it (see below).

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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