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Author Topic: Human Life is Fragile but EVERY Life is Valuable  (Read 8125 times)

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Knarf, UB and Ka,
Ahem! I must admit I am not an expert on good vibrations like Buddhists of all stripes and yogis. Furthermore, I recognize that you are not going to charge RE a nickel for giving him the low down on how to make osteocytes be fruitful and multiply while they dance to the "right" tune (fuse dem vertebraes pronto! ).  :icon_mrgreen:

I have been doing some research to help RE and, of course, further my sneaky agenda to get everybody to do everything they can to adopt a CARING CAPACITY world view and **** can the CARRYING CAPACITY (i.e scarcity equals value predatory capitalist bullshit) destructive world view.

The Agelbert (Anthony Gonzalez Gelbert) Institute for Advanced Caring Capacity Research into BIOSPHERE CFS  has made an amazing discovery. I am certain there is another Diner, not included in the above names (who, for the moment shall remain nameless  ;D), who will back up this research anecdotally, if not scientifically.

Rather than boring you with umpteen details about how specific hertz heal HURTS, I will present two graphics and let you vibrations experts take it from there.

The bottom line for RE is that he is going to need some SUCCESSFUL bone fusion.  If they do a bone graft and saw a piece out of his pelvis to stick into his neck, there is ANOTHER place on his body that he will need osteocyte growth and quick healing.

Those pelvic procedures have a rep for causing enduring pain  :(. This is in contrast to the ACDF that usually just causes a sore throat and difficult swallowing for a few days, along with total neck pain relief. Since he is a smoker (a KNOWN cause of slow bone fusion or fusion failure complications), his doctor will probably recommend a bone growth stimulator after the ACDF procedure.

I have issues with that. I think you vibrations dudes may also have issues with that too. Where am I going with this?  I am saying PLAINLY that there is MORE to that bone fusion and healing than the vibrations themselves, even though they are, of course, a vital part of the healing process.

A LIVING BEING must be generating those vibrations, IMHO, for them to be truly efficacious  . Human technology is, as usual, a day late and a dollar short because of its STUPID, IGNORANT, NON-SPIRITUAL, mechanistic reductionist world view of cause and effect. 

And ALSO, as usual, they want to charge an arm and a cervical vertebrae  ;D for the "high tech" CRAP they pass off as "superior" to what living beings, NOT JUST HUMANS, give freely in the service of LIFE.

Knarf, UB, and Ka, please shed some light on good vibrations. RE needs our help.

Agelbert NOTE:
The above was posted on another forum. IF you have some healing vibrations info or testimonial, pleas post them here. Thank you.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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