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Author Topic: Human Life is Fragile but EVERY Life is Valuable  (Read 12406 times)

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Agelbert NOTE: These hunter gatherer tribes who, unlike most of us, live in harmony with God's Creation, are being victimized by "civilized" human criminals because of greed. Some tribes are acting as Guardians for the uncontacted tribes.

Survival International is celebrating the good work of these Guardians. I applaud this work.

Unfortunately, this is an ultimately quixotic endeavour.  WHY? Because, Catastrophic Climate Change will kill humans in the tropics before it begins to kill them in large numbers in most other places. These hunter gatherer tribes, the most innocent of all human groups responsible for this profit over planet predatory stupidity by the hydrocarbon producing conscience free crooks, are doomed by that hydrocarbon ERoEI COST, left out of most calculations, Catastrophic Climate Change.

At present, that is not the case. At present, millions of humans annually die from breathing the particulates, and from other toxic effects visited on the land and sea, produced by the burning of hydrocarbons ☠️. One of the leading causes of death among humans in poverty stricken areas, where they cannot boil water due to the lack of hydrocarbons, dysentery, is a drop in the death toll bucket ☠️ in comparison.

This is one of the reasons I get so exercised about people so concerned with a collapse from a LACK of hydrocarbons, when many millions MORE are NOW perishing each year from the burning of them.

This inexcusable profit over people and planet death dealing PRESENT irrefutable reality, as sad as it is, does not even address Greenhouse Gas(es) caused Catastrophic Climate Change, which is 100% unavoidable at this point (I will post on the inevitability and centuries long duration of the multi-species harm by GHG caused Anthropogenic Global Over-Heating at another time).   

I have common ground with Professor Palloy in the respect and admiration I hold for these hunter gatherer tribes. However, for the reasons I just stated above, I do not share his belief that they will survive when most other humans begin to perish from profit over planet stupidity.

There will be no collapse for at least 50 years, if ever, from lack of hydrocarbons to burn. The hydrocarbons will, of course, being a finite resource of energy, eventually run out, but the corollary that the lack of hydrocarbons to burn will trigger a collapse of civilization is not, at least for a half century or so, a valid assertion.

Definition of corollary

1 : a proposition inferred immediately from a proved proposition with little or no additional proof

2 : something that naturally follows


There will continue to be a larger and larger death toll from the PRESENT AVAILABILITY of hydrocarbons that are burned annually. I share with Professor Palloy the duty of all humans to be as frugal as possible and to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint, not just to zero, but negative.

Our main point of contention   ;D is that he believes the greatest threat to human civilization is Peak Hydrocarbons, while claiming that GHG pollution mitigation is of secondary importance. I believe he has that exactly backwards. Prima Facie evidence that I am right and he is wrong is the FACT that many millions more humans annually die from hydrocarbon burning pollution than from the lack of hydrocarbons (e.g. death for dysentery due to not being able to boil water to make it potable). Added evidence supporting my claim is that ZERO plants and animals, from microscopic to macroscopic, perish from the LACK of hydrocrabons we stupid humans burn. Sure, life and death is part of nature. They die from lots of causes in the natural course of events. BUT, hydrocarbon pollution PLUS Global Warming IS killing them off even more wantonly than the particulates pollution from hydrocarbon burning is killing humans! As Catastrophic climate Change gathers velocity, more and more biosphere fauna and flora will be destroyed by "natural" disasters that would NOT have taken place if we had not overheated the atmosphere.

There is just no excuse for continuing this charade of placing biosphere degrading hydrocarbon use in a privileged, civilization "protecting", position.

The world needs hydrocarbons like a dog needs ticks. I'm sure the tribes in the following articles agree wholeheartedly.

June 25, 2018

Exclusive! Catch a glimpse of an uncontacted tribe.

These photos, also taken by the Guardians of the Amazon🕊, show an old camp site that was once the home of the uncontacted people in the video. They’re hunter-gatherers, often on the move, and these small huts are their homes. The shelters, called tapiris, are constructed quickly and skilfully from branches and palm leaves. The bundle is a homemade lunchbox for carrying their food around with them. Societies such as this are the most eco-friendly and sustainable on Earth.

This astonishing footage was passed to us by the Guardians of the Amazon🕊. It was captured by chance, and shows a close encounter with uncontacted Awá Indians. The forests around are swarming with loggers 👹and any encounter is likely to be fatal for the Awá. That is why it's so important for us to show this footage; it proves there are uncontacted people living in this forest and so the loggers must be kept out at all costs.

We’re excited to share some good news stories with you!

The Guardians of the Amazon 🕊 are a brave group of men from the Guajarara tribe who are working tirelessly to defend the territory they share with uncontacted neighbors from illegal loggers.

The Guardians are struggling alone against violent logging mafias with very little support from the Brazilian government. We used your donations and your emails to put pressure on Brazil to act. It worked! A few weeks ago, environmental police finally showed up to help the Guardians kick loggers out of their territory. Though the police didn't stay long, and the Guardians are still in grave need of more support from the authorities, this goes to show that together we can make a real difference.

The Guardians are re-energized and inspired by this intervention: “Thank you for helping us with our fight, and with the situation we are facing here now…It was thanks to you and your pressure that the back-up appeared here at our village. So, thank you once more. We are fighting for what is ours. We're in this together."

But that’s not all. A few years ago, Survival supporters fought hard to persuade the government to remove loggers from the uncontacted Awá tribe’s territory. We succeeded, and now we’re pleased to announce that one of the loggers’ ring-leaders is being brought to justice.  It’s extremely rare for cases like this ever to reach trial, so this is real cause for celebration – and proof that persistent campaigning pays off.

These are two rays of hope in an increasingly anti-indigenous climate in Brazil which is allowing illegal logging of tribal peoples’ forests to flourish. Although we’re encouraged and spurred on by these successes, our work in this area is very far from over. Driven by ruthless greed, the loggers just keep coming – and they won’t give up easily…

With your help, neither will we. We have to keep piling on the pressure and pushing harder and harder to ensure the loggers stay out forever. And any help you can give us to do this will be hugely appreciated. Don't forget, one of the most useful things you can do is help spread the word about our vital work. Please share our posts on social media and take every opportunity to talk about the global movement for tribal peoples.

Thank you once again for being a part of these successes. We look forward to sharing many more with you in the future.

With thanks,

Survival International

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Survival International, 6 Charterhouse Buildings, London EC1M 7ET, UK | Charity no. 267444

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