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Author Topic: How Long Ago Were We Created?  (Read 800 times)

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Re: How Long Ago Were We Created?
« on: January 05, 2014, 05:42:40 pm »
Agelbert Gets spanked by 6 day Creationist Whako with CIRCULAR ILLOGIC!

Agelbert says:

I will make this short because you consistently refuse to argue point by point about Genesis FLAWS due to the fact that Moses was sitting on planet earth when he wrote it. God would NEVER have said those things about the "lamps" in the sky (sun and moon) from His perspective but never mind that.

It's a waste of time to argue with you. My question is, what sort of a conundrum will you find yourself in IF the Earth, forget the rest of what is out there for a moment, is found to be 140,000 years old along with evidence that no evolution ever occurred and all life forms here were created in a series of events after catastrophes like the flood and volcanic eruptions and meteors in different time periods along those 140,000 years?

Will you just pretend it didn't happen? The bible doesn't tell people to brush their teeth but science has taught us that it's a good idea to do so. That proves that TRUTH is the final authority. The bible does NOT have a monopoly on it as you claim. Jesus Christ is NOT the Bible. YET, He IS the TRUTH. He is the cornerstone, not the old testament. The bible has a purpose but you pretend no other authority is valid if it contradicts the idea that the sun stood still for an hour or more? That's just silly.

And that is just one example. I am a 'whatever the age of earth non-evolutionary hard science comes up with' Christian. Instead of addressing issues point by point, you point to "we already answered that" type NON answers or worse, accuse us of being apostates or atheists! May God have mercy on your willful rejection of empirical evidence and reveal to you that the legalistic, pharisaic path you or on is a stumbling block to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't believe you will print this but if you do, thank you.

Gary Bates responds

I will publish your comments on this occasion so that readers can see for themselves the type of unbiblical arguments that you continually send to our site. It appears that you must have some sort of special revelation that God has not seen fit to also inform us about, moreover, stuff that also contradicts what is written in His Word.

So, respectfully,  with such a view it would be actually impossible to have a reasonable debate with you because your authority is just whatever you decide to come up with. As such, we would be arguing past each other.

 However, be aware that because of your insults  and condemning attitude  at the end, this will be the last comment to be posted by you on creation.com.  :icon_mrgreen:  BTW we are not obliged to answer every email point by point so your emotional manipulation with not gain any traction here. At the time of writing we have over 9,500 free articles on our site as a service to readers that can also deal with your unbiblical claims.

The onus is upon you.

For example, you should probably deal with the reasoning in articles like Did God create over billions of years?. The only reason you are trying to argue for long periods of time is because of secular science, but that shouldn't be surprising given your low view of Scripture.

Agelbert NOTE: Wasn't that fascinating? Notice how he turned the 140,000 year question into billions of years and branded science based teeth brushing as a LOW OPINION OF SCRIPTURE. These guys are a riot! They break the "stuffed shirt" meter readings! Knocking down their arguments is like shooting fish in a barrel. That's why they huff and puff and hem and haw about Bible = AUTHORITY = 100% TRUTH . It's a game of pretense to adhere to truth UNTIL Moses or some other imaginative fellow in the bible decides the moon and the sun are both "lamps" because "God" told him so.   


But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou
hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Acts 8:20


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