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Author Topic: Homebody Handy Hints  (Read 2498 times)

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Re: Homebody Handy Hints
« on: April 30, 2014, 11:52:42 pm »
Says the Handyman Club of America:
Trick Question About Ladder Injuries
Here’s the question: What are more than half of all ladder-related accidents among professionals related to?

That’s easy, you say. The answer is falling!

Nope. This being a trick question and all, it turns out the correct answer is strains and sprains caused by repeated handling of heavy ladders. Moving these monsters can be the toughest part of your task, but things lighten up a lot with the new Little Giant Velocity 24-ft. Fiberglass Extension Ladder. This ladder is lighter than ordinary extension ladders, which reduces fatigue, improves maneuverability and prevents injuries. Also:

Red “warning” rungs remind you not to climb too high. 

A balance-point sticker shows the best grasp-and-carry point.

A pulley-rope system placed on the outside of the climbing zone reduces tripping.    Also, side-mounted pulleys reduce the force required to raise the fly section by 60 percent.

Agelbert NOTE: Interesting info. But I have to ask, are these "idiot proof" measures going to work? Injuries occur when we become "idiots" (i.e. distracted). I don't see humans avoiding being distracted. It just happens. That's why when I do a job, my wife is watching me work. You see, I have, and always have had, a tendency to get distracted ("instant idiot" LOL!). So, I know of what I speak, so to speak.  :P  I have actually used ladders like the above made from aluminum to climb quite high inside bank buildings to (it's NOT what ya think!) apply reflective film to gigantic windows 12 to 18 feet tall and several feet across. They are light, worked well except for the rope being in the center back then and  those rotating feet with the rubber class are what saved my arse a few times ladders without those tend to slip when the angle isn't right on a floor inside a building.  ??? At the end of the day, your arse is dragging from moving the ladder around. Less weight (as long as there is no loss in ladder strength - I DO NOT WANT the rungs flexing under my feet!) have been welcome.  8) I Worked with scaffoldings too (easier but those are REALLY HEAVY compared with ladders). Their advantage is you just set them up once and roll them to the next giant glass panel until the job is done in a day or several. Then you take them down. If the job is big enough, scaffoldings can save time.

This is a church but ya get the idea... ;)

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