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Author Topic: End Times according to the Judeo Christian Bible  (Read 366 times)

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Golden Oxen, if you actually believed that hell existed, you would not repeat your TOO OFTEN repeated braggadocio about how rich you are and how all of us "saints" will get our "reward in heaven" while you "end up in Hell".

Yeah, that's true. BUT, YOU DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!

Golden Oxen does not like to have his life style questioned (see below):

Your correct Agelbert, I don't believe there is a hell for people who do not want to spend their life and their families being poor.

Nor a heaven for those who became poor through drugs and boozing and partying.

                                                                        Nice talking to you Anthony,  GO   

How cleverly reductionist of you. Cut the bullshit, GO. You don't have ANY conditions on your NONbelief in the existence of Hell or Heaven. Your vulgar, empathy deficit disordered stereotype demonising of the poor is typical of your rather limited empathy for disadvantaged people, none of which have abandoned their family or partied, but have been subjected to social injustices you deliberately pretend are not there. Your clever positioning of your greed based life style as "worthy" of Heaven because you are "just taking care of your family", not worshipping your STUFF while you rationalize that those who have it "deserve" it and those who don't have it "deserve" not to have it.

THIS is your Hell deserving religion, Mr. Golden Oxen:

"Capitalist ideology claims that the world is perfectly ordered and everybody is in their place (i.e. everybody gets what they deserve). This self legitmating aspect of Capitalism is Socially Catastrophic. This is the Victorian view of the world." Rob Urie - Author " Zen Economics"

Sir, you don't believe there is a hell, PERIOD. If you did, you would not routinely work so hard to earn a place there. Have a nice day.
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