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Author Topic: End Times according to the Judeo Christian Bible  (Read 458 times)

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I had trouble with the sunday school conception of Christianity since i started asking these questions and being reprimanded for it in the 1st grade.

1. Jimmy Swaggart goes to heaven and Ghandi goes to hell.

2.Being born into abuse/starvation or being born to billionaires is as random as advantageous mutation in the theory of evolution.

3. No explanation of where human souls went prior to Jesus life.

4. No explanation of where souls go after 33AD but before hearing the gospel that they are sinners and the white people killing their fellow natives and taking their land are actually good and doing them a favour by replacing their evil religions.

5.No explanation of why Jesus did not expressly forbid war and conquest in his name if he is an all knowing God and knew this would happen.

6. No explanation of where the seperate God resides, now that we have orbited and photgraphed the earth from space, so scriptural 'on the clouds' is unstisfactory.

7. No explanation of Jesus absence age 12 to 30.

8. No explanation of why 3 men from the east who would hold wrong beliefs were present at the first Christmas instead of at least reps from Gods chosen people.

9. No explanation of why the 3 men from the east were "wise", if they represent the sort of wrong teaching the Beatles travelled to India for.

10. Jesus said he would return soon, 2000 years ago.

These need to be answered from the words of Jesus or direct scripture, not post hoc theology.

As to that point about the Puritan belief permeating America as a Christian country, I hope a uniform of authoritah is better than bathing suits on a boat.

Nice post. All kids with a brain ask those questions when they grow up in a fundamentalist authoritarian religious church. They generally go unanswered, and that's one reason why thinking people tend to drift away as they get out from under the thumb of their parents and church elders.

There are answers to questions like that.

For one thing, the Christianity practiced in churches, by and large, is a very twisted and perverted version of the real thing. At least somebody like Palloy, who seems to have avoided real Bible study (to his benefit), can grasp Jesus' basic message. The more clap trap that gets added to the mix, the more difficult that gets.
1. Love God
2. Love your neighbor as yourself
The rest is commentary.

Seen any mustard trees?

The "mustard seed" is the Gospel of Jesus.  Mustard plants normally are knee-high weeds.  For it to grow as large as a tree requires a miracle.  That's because it has become a mutant.  But the point of that is to protect it from dying out.  In the final harvest, the wheat (those who truly follow Jesus, see #1 and #2 above) will be separated from the chaff (those who just took the form of Christianity).

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if it has not works, is dead, being alone.


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