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Author Topic: End Times according to the Judeo Christian Bible  (Read 458 times)

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US barking up the wrong trade tree

And therein lies the cruelest twist of all. China is the US' low-cost provider of imported consumer goods. The Trump 🦀 deal would shift the Chinese piece of the US' multilateral imbalance to higher-cost imports from elsewhere - the functional equivalent of a tax hike on US families. As Hoover's ghost might ask, what's so great about that?

What many Trump apologists fail to note is that NOTHING that Trump does is for the good of the "'Murkin pee-pul." It is for the good of Trump, his immediate family and his criminal grift and money-laundering enterprise. Cabinet members and hangers-on get to grab as much as they can for as long as they can as long as the window  remains open, and devil take the hindmost. The Russia investigation notwithstanding, a not corrupt Congress would have already impeached and convicted Trump, for emoluments clause violations alone. The scale of the corruption is truly staggering, making the Grant and Harding administrations look like so many convent devotees.

The rich will be just fine, as the rich are always fine. It is Trump's supporters who will find themselves further dispossessed and broke, and who will be encouraged to take out their ire on someone younger, browner, poorer. Fleece the rubes: Wash, rinse, repeat. It always works.
Yeah, I know. Here come the choruses of "Both-sides-do-it," "whataboutism," "but-her-emails," and "****."

Well said.

However, I think the rich backers of Trump are effectively taking a long walk off a short pier. Yes, we will all go down together. Life on Earth is aptly named the valley of tears.

I am looking forward to life after this life.

Some may say that is a defeatist attitude. I say, as a student of climate science and human history, the interminable hostility of greedy humans to each other and the continued, willful insane destruction of the biosphere 'seed corn' that allows human existence are behavioral problems can only be fixed by God modifying human nature so we ALL think altruistically, instead of greedily.

I don't see Him doing that any time soon. 

Leges         Sine    Moribus     Vanae   
if it has not works, is dead, being alone.


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