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Author Topic: End Times according to the Judeo Christian Bible  (Read 2808 times)

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Re: End Times according to the Judeo Christian Bible
« Reply #45 on: September 14, 2019, 07:03:03 pm »
Quote from: AG
Criminally Insane people do not negotiate; they fight to the death, no matter how irrational the biosphere trashing system that gave them all their short term privileges is. It will get ugly very soon.

It will, indeed. Especially when the elites lose control their various conduit schemes to sieve wealth away from working class people.

I wonder whether people will in fact actually "revolt,"given the the state controls every meaningful vector of force. The best way would be for people to become non-cooperative en masse.

Well, that's the thing. The vectors of force are, as Chris Hedges has pointed out, both a stick AND a carrot (see: Inverted Totalitarianism - Sheldon S. Wolin). That is, the public is being calmly and methodically herded into living in a nonresilient hand to mouth way that gives us little or no ability to just go off grid. True, the preppers can do that to a certain extent, but I'm sure there are very few prepppers than can last one year without having to go to a supermarket or put some gasoline in one of their machines.

The masses, like you and me, need a monthly paycheck (or a pension) to survive month to month. Then there are those pesky legal tender laws. My savings are in a bank, not under a mattress. How much cash do you have in the house? Not much, I'll wager. How long do you think you can survive through bartering when you aren't allowed access to a bank? Not long.

So what does that have to do with TPTB's plan to deal with non-cooperation en masse? Plenty.

Our routine daily living is the carrot. Though there is way too much gratuitous cruelty dished out by the police and other fascist forces in the USA on a daily basis, most of us get the carrot, not the stick.

En masse non-cooperation will happen when people have absolutely no other recourse due to environmental conditions. TPTB are preparing for that by slowly transitioning the manual work done at all levels to machines. So, when 35% or so (the minimum of what you usually need for a full blown revolution) of we-the-people stop cooperating, the plan is to brand us as "enemies of the state" and take away our driving, bank, supermarket and hospital "privileges".

Their plan will work, Surly. BUT, they know the peril they face shortly thereafter from implementing said plan.

The problem for TPTB is that there is a nation destroying inertia to these things. When such a large segment of the population is dying in the streets from hunger, disease and exposure to the elements, without a shot fired, the segment doing the enforcing fragments into warring factions between those with a heart and those who sold theirs to fascism.

That's when the shots start. Yeah, TPTB have war gamed this too. That's why they keep trying to keep the cops happy. But the cops WILL split into warring factions, no matter what the TPTB do with their perception management tools to keep the cops in line. Again, TPTB KNOW this is an unavoidable consequence of mass suffering among the populace. THAT is why they actually want to prevent, through routine veiled threats, the initiation of en masse noncooperation that begins the revolution in the first place.

All that said, TPTB will fight to the death with every bought and paid for cop and AI drone they have access too. They need us ONLY if they think we are useful to them. With Catastrophic Climate Change guaranteed now, TPTB WANT less human carbon footprints out there so the 1% can make it through the hothouse earth period.

Yeah, they are into wishful thinking there, but that isn't the point.

The point is that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, huge advances in sensor technology and machines that are smarter than the averge bear (or human), they now CAN function without us. This is the danger we-the-people face. This is a danger we have never faced before.

Tyrants always wanted a large population to rule over, so, to a certain extent, the popultion could pressure said tyrant to back off with the gratuitous cruelty for a while. But at present, the tryants among us actually have a Climate Change "rationale" for "culling" most of us.

Think about that. They have the machines to keep them happy and they are worried about the environment they are trashing. Have these crazy bastards ever tried empathy?  Are they willing to admit they are the MAIN CAUSE if Catastrophic Climate Change?

Notice that I have not even brought up all the crazies with guns out there. I haven't mentioned these folks, many who are ex-military, family of cops or friends of cops, because I do not believe they are the ones that will start this. However, when it starts, and they need medicine at the closed pharmacy or food at the closed supermarket, they will get it.

Our civilization is far more fragile than meets the eye. TPTB, who are far more concerned with preserving the profit over people and planet (insane) status quo than we-the-people are, know that the present status quo is economically and environmentally unsustainable.

So, what do I think they are going to do about that? They are going to keep their bunkers in high tech condition and keep buying the cops. When, not if, the SHTF, they will attempt to "cull" 90% of the human population.

They will be partly successful, but they will be overwhelmed, despite the fact that their "controlling human behaviors during a revolution with targeted violence" computer models, prepared by the smartest psychologists, predict total success. Darwinian "Apex predator" GARBAGE math in, happy talk GARBAGE out.

The human population will be reduced to about half what it is now. Infrastructure will be in shambles. Global shipping will be a thing of the past. City states within countries will attack each other for stuff. It won't be "mad max", but that is the direction things will be headed towards. Survival will be more pressing than schooling. Less education always breeds more prejudice and irrational violence.

That surviving half will finish destroying the key parts of the biosphere we depend on, descending into nuclear war or cannibalism. The gross barbarism will feed on itself and guarantee more mass death.

Throughout that horror, there will be voices, as there have been for thousands of years, clamoring for repentance from our sins against God, an embrace of God centered altruism, harmony and respect for each other and nature. They will be drowned out by the materialists.

I don't know if we will go extinct or not. However, the successful perpetuation of our species does not look like a good bet right now. TPTB, and most of the rest of humanity, refuse to obey Christ's Commandments to respect fellow humans and God's Creation. Sure, it's been that way for thousands of years, but Catastrophic Climate Change is the human species Coffin we will all be buried in because of TPTB's stubborn clinging to the suicidal "might equals right" demonic blindness. 

But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4

TRUTHOUT  September 14, 2019

For some 500 years, capitalism’s logic of eco-genocidal accumulation has presided over both the physical eradication of human and non-human life and the cultural eradication of the languages, traditions and collective knowledge that constitute life’s diversity. It necrotizes the planetary biosphere, leaving behind only decay. It burns the practically unrecoverable library of life and eradicates its future masterpieces simultaneously. It inflicts not just physical destruction, but psychological grief and trauma as people witness their lands go under the sea, get immolated by fire, and drown in mud. The First Extermination Event has now produced such a nightmarish world that even temperature maps scream in agony.

Full article:

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Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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