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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 32148 times)

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Institutionalized Selfishness is Social Suicide
« Reply #285 on: September 15, 2019, 01:55:33 pm »
Quote from: AG
Criminally Insane people do not negotiate; they fight to the death, no matter how irrational the biosphere trashing system that gave them all their short term privileges is. It will get ugly very soon.

It will, indeed. Especially when the elites lose control their various conduit schemes to sieve wealth away from working class people.

I wonder whether people will in fact actually "revolt,"given the the state controls every meaningful vector of force. The best way would be for people to become non-cooperative en masse.

Our civilization is far more fragile than meets the eye. TPTB, who are far more concerned with preserving the profit over people and planet (insane) status quo than we-the-people are, know that the present status quo is economically and environmentally unsustainable.

So, what do I think they are going to do about that? They are going to keep their bunkers in high tech condition and keep buying the cops. When, not if, the SHTF, they will attempt to "cull" 90% of the human population.

This is the essence of what I have believed for the past 10-15 years, and what led me to contemplate "collapse" and "doom."

the ethic summed up by 19th century financier Jay Gould:

"I can always hire half of the working class to kill the other half."

The Great Culling is already under way, whether people are consciously aware or not. The multi-front wars against movement of peoples, against living off grid, against storing rainwater, of all things. All is restrictions on working people while we are reduced to penury. As you note, banjo- and handout-dependent.

We are all afflicted by "presentism;" the belief that the future will look recognizably like the past. It will not. We lack the capacity to imagine a future that will look utterly unlike anything we have known. We see the future fed into the zeitgeist via the "Walkng Dead" franchises, and the notion of a zombie apocalypse complete with drive-thru cannibalism. Nom nom nom...

the Anasazi were said to have served up a dish known as "malcorn." And the flesh of a conquered enemy was known as "longpig." We are not so far removed.

You noted,

That surviving half will finish destroying the key parts of the biosphere we depend on, descending into nuclear war or cannibalism. The gross barbarism will feed on itself and guarantee more mass death.


It will be the perfect libertarian paradise: the endless war of all against all.

Well said. I've heard about longpig, though I didn''t know about Anasazi malcorn. Longpig was quite the thing with certain Pacific island tribes for a while. They took a particular liking to the white meat version. It's understandable for a people that believed they obtained the strength of their enemies by eating them.

In the Caribbean it was different, and somewhat more practical. The Caribe tribes, mostly based in Cuba before the Spaniards came and murdered them and all the other tribes in the Caribbean (mostly the males - the women who were sufficently attractive were preserved for sex, cooking and cleaning), were in the habit of raiding Taino tribes in what we now call Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They would kidnap young male children, put them in a cage and feed them as much food as the kids could eat. When sufficiently fattened, they were slaughtered and cooked. Except that male children of similar ages are usually a bit bigger in size than females, I do not understand the Caribe Cannibal preference for eating young Taino males. Maybe it was a patriarchal society power thing or maybe they felt one less future warrier was a better menu item than one less potential wife.

It's a bit off topic, though probably not, but the fierceness of the Caribe tribes in Cuba and the relative docility of the Taino tribes in Puerto Rico may explain (King Ferdinand of Spain, in 1825, outlawed the native concubine practice and ordered all Spaniards in the colonies to marry their native wives - so, the tribal genes, as modern DNA analysis has proven, were passed on to present populations) why the Cubans never buckled under U.S. Imperial domination and my fellow gutless Puerto Ricans did. Perhaps I am judging fellow Puerto Ricans too harshly, since they were wily enough to survive and thrive under the Yankee boot, just as they did under the Spanish boot. The other thing that happened in 1825, that may explain King Ferdinand's getting religion about the "concubines" all of a sudden, is that most of the loyal bootlickers to the Spanish Crown rushed to the Caribbean colonies from South America, which was then in the process of giving Imperial Mother Spain the Bolivarian finger. So, there is that too.

Sorry for the digression.

Getting back to the root of the suicidal trajectory of Homo sap, I continue to believe that, as soon as the vice of selfishness is institutionalized as a "virtue", it is all destructive downhill thereafter. That is precisely what the Evangelical "Christians" corrupting the USA have done, as this video makes crystal clear. U-tube puts it into the "comedy" category. I classify it as TRUTH.

Evangelicals Breaking Up with Jesus
288,114 views•Published on Apr 24, 2019

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian
93.3K subscribers

Please support Betty at: https://www.patreon.com/MrsBettyBowers
Category Comedy

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." - John Kenneth Galbraith
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Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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