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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 31860 times)

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"Justice" 👹 Kavanaugh, Sexual Predator and Corporate Fascist Enabler, is missing below, but you get the idea:

The main function of the U.S. Supreme Court is, in general, to provide fascist elite orchestrated impunity for just about any sort of injustice visited on the populace in order to continuously enrich criminal elites in particular.

I ran into an interesting quote today from the book, "All Honorable Men". It sheds a great deal of light on how the American Capitalist system aids and abets the fascist modus operandi. The quote is referring to I.G. Farben, the NAZI chemical corporation that perfected fascist cartelization for the purpose of monopolizing all industrial production and most of the profit, all over the civilized world, under German fascist control. They are more infamous for their SS Death Camp poison gas, but that was just a tiny part of their criminal activities all over the world. 

In their files, discovered within days after the U.S. Army got to their main offices, was the plan for the "New World Order" after WWII. It is detailed and methodical. The parts were all mostly in place before WWII. The parts grew and prospered AFTER WWII.

We are there.

The world-wide activities of the Farben organization as part of  the German war effort have been publicized so much that they have created a picture of an octopus-like monster. Actually that is not the point. Most of the individual acts which made up the spectacular geopolitical activities of I.G. Farben looked like ordinary business transactions. Partly their success was due to American acceptance of the 😈💵🎩 "business is business" philosophy. Largely relying on this easy tolerance of social irresponsibility, the Farben organization put across its entire program, capturing markets, bottling up inventions, digging out economic and industrial secrets, and financing propaganda practically without fear of reprisals or countermeasures. ALL HONORABLE MEN COPYRIGHT 1950, BY JAMES STEWART MARTIN, Chapter 5: HARE AND HOUNDS, Page 65

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For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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