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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 5537 times)

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I wish Elizabeth Warren well in her effort to ban private prisons in Merika. She has a VERY uphill battle on her hands. The problem is so fundamentally intractable that, though it may get her some votes and perhaps the top dog Democratic Presidential Candidate position, the, mostly invisible, VAST pecuniary benefits that some very influential corporate crooks get from these prisons makes only token reforms possible.

WHY? Outside the fact that our entire juridical system is formulated to exploit the poor and simultaneously let the rich get away with just about any crime (i.e. Even if all prisons are Federal and State run, the courts will still unjustly punish the poor and reward the rich), there are at least four giant hurdles that are rather difficult to overcome.

1. To begin with, the Private Prison system is a CAPITALIST venture. You need to address the evils of CAPITALISM to understand why Private Prisons are so damaging to our society. Don't hold your breath waiting for her to criticize CAPITALISM. She has often stated that she is a Capitalist. She thinks she can define Capitalism into something benign by adding pejorative adjectives to it like "Crony" or "Corporate". That is wishful thinking.
"Capitalist ideology claims that the world is perfectly ordered and everybody is in their place (i..e. everybody gets what they deserve). This self legitmating aspect of Capitalism is Socially Catastrophic. This is the Victorian view of the world." Rob Urie - Author " Zen Economics"

2. Prisons provide jobs to white Merika that these towns hither and yon do not want to let go of, especially because the people exploited and abused by this cruel system are the poor.

3. New drugs, though you'll never get our Fascist Courts to address this evil, are routinely tested on prisoners. The effect can be determined simply because the prisoners are captive test subjects (i.e. prisoners can be observed 24/7, food type and intake is known, environment is controlled for years, etc.) that can inform our ethically challenged pharmaceutical giants on marketing decisions (before they buy the FDA to rubber stamp the drugs, of course). Pharmaceutical Corporation profits represent a significant chunk of the U.S. GDP. Good luck messing with their bread and butter surreptitious human experimentation for drug profit.

4. Prison SLAVERY is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Benign Slavery is an oxymoron.

The bottom line here is that our country champions the profit motive. IOW, the main religion here is CAPITALISM. Taking on a significant piece of the "Greed Is Good" pie that exploits the poorest whites, along with a disproportionately large portion of poor minorities, is Capitalist sacrllege.

Yes, you can, and should, do it in good conscience. However, if you do not attack it at its "Greed Is Good" root, you are not going to succeed. Still, I'm glad Elizabeth Warren is attempting to reform that travesty of justice.
They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them. -- Proverbs 28:4

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