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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 10367 times)

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Re: Darwin
« Reply #105 on: August 07, 2015, 09:33:15 pm »
New study claims significant oxygen 3.5 billion years ago

A recent report reinforces the notion that the atmosphere contained oxygen well before the GOE, in fact about one billion years before, some 3.46 Ga ago within the evolutionary/uniformitarian timescale.9 Primary hematite, directly deposited and not a result of subsequent events, was found in iron rich sedimentary rocks in northwest Australia dated at 3.46 Ga. Such hematite can form in two ways. In an oxygen-less atmosphere, ultraviolet light reaching the earth’s surface, strikes iron hydroxide minerals and triggers a reaction that drives the water away forming hematite.

However, hematite can also form by the oxidation of iron without ultraviolet light. This is the type of hematite formation claimed for the hematite/chert sedimentary rocks supposedly formed about 3.5 Ga ago. These sedimentary rocks were sandwiched between two thick volcanic layers (greater than 3 km) that strongly suggest they were formed in deep water, at least 200 m, and possibly up to 1,000 m, deep. This deduction was based on:
1. the lack of erosion surfaces in the rocks,
2. the absence of textures from waves or currents,
3. the lack of features associated with subaerial volcanism,
4. the lack of bubbles in the volcanic rocks suggesting the layers all formed under high water pressure, and
5. the virtual absence of aerosols, detrital minerals, and volcanic ash.

So, if there was oxygen in the seawater to form hematite, there was also oxygen in the atmosphere:

“The implications are profound: if oxygen existed at near-modern levels in such a broad, deep body of water, the atmosphere must have been oxygenated also. Presumably that oxygen was produced by organisms capable of photosynthesis, also pushing back their appearance.”10

Pushing back an oxygen atmosphere by a billion years also pushes back the evolution of photosynthetic bacteria a billion years or more, since evolutionists believe the oxygen had to come from these bacteria.

This result does not leave much time for the supposed evolution of these complex bacteria.

Such rapid evolution of single-celled creatures from chemicals makes evolution ever more astonishing: “Envisioning the steps that led to this complex biochemistry [of photosynthesis] is mind-boggling.”11

Furthermore, the hematite was in the form of single crystals indicating that they were not made by ultraviolet light. The researchers go on to say that geochemical analysis of the hematite crystals suggests that they formed at temperatures greater than 60°C from hydrothermal discharges rich in ferrous iron that spewed into cool, oxygenated waters.

This new evidence seems convincing to many and offers evidence “that the Earth’s atmosphere held significant amounts of oxygen far earlier than previously thought”.10

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