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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13851 times)

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Re: Darwin
« Reply #90 on: March 12, 2015, 09:57:02 pm »
The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance
Edited by Robert N. Proctor and Londa Schiebinger

What don't we know, and why don't we know it? What keeps ignorance alive, or allows it to be used as a political instrument? Agnotology—the study of ignorance—provides a new theoretical perspective to broaden traditional questions about "how we know" to ask: Why don't we know what we don't know?

Great find, AG. Looks like a must read.

Thank you. I believe Agnotology is part and parcel of every single criminal act involving the BURYING of all evidence that challenges, questions or otherwise refutes any of the "sacred" tenets of SET.

These are my dots.
1. 1870 Kennel Clubs and the concept of "pure" blood lines.
2. 1900 Eugenics is embraced by the elite (for the same "pure" blood line DARWINIAN reasons.
3. 1910-1930 "science" based genocide in Australia and Africa by the "white" man.
4. 1933-1945 Hitler kills (for science) the Jews, mentally ill non-Jew Germans and starts DARWINIAN "pure" bloodline experiment (INbreeding "Arian" girls with "Arian" men).
5. 1900-1960 Many women and men prevented from reproducing in the USA according DARWINIAN ERRONEOUS beliefs about genes and inherited disorders. Only after the year 2000 did states like Vermont begin to apologize. And I'm not sure  they mean it.
6. 1930-2015 U.S. Army and medical establishment experiments on people (without their knowledge) and animals based on 'evolutionary' principles of genetics JUSTIFYING the use of 'animal models'.

ALL this alleged "science" is based on the mechanistic reductionist model of life that, because we are allegedly just a biochemical machine, EXCLUDES respect for life. The spiritual activity evidenced on a DAILY BASIS, some of which makes the news (see the drowned lady who's spirit called people to save her daughter), and most which DOES NOT (see Agnotology in the service of SET  ) is brushed aside as "unexplained" phenomenon.

The bible says that Adam was NOT alive, even though he was fully created. God had to BREATHE life into him.  The Egyptians had the ankh, which stands for BREATH OF LIFE.  Science does not wish to accept that EVERY life form needs more than biochemistry to be alive.

Spirit animated life is a TESTAMENT to a 24/7 creative force that many here cannot accept. Yet I am convinced that NO spirit = NO LIFE, PERIOD (including bacteria  ;D).

Science will not accept that, no matter how much evidence for it exists, simply because they cannot CONTROL the spirit in their Dr. Strangelove laboratories.

Science, because it so limited, CANNOT explain the following REALITY:

Here's a very positive reaction from an atheist doomer (who I was trying to convince to NOT commit suicide) upon reading about an atheist near death experience. I deleted his name but the quote, the date and the smileys he inserted are accurate.: ENJOY!   

Sent to: agelbert  on: July 10, 2012
Re:Reasons not to check out
Agelbert, thank you for taking the time to write to me.  You've done a good thing pointing out the reasons I should stick around.  If you're willing to share, I'd like to hear your story about the "other side."

I read about the biker and then I followed the link to the website.  Something that immediately caught my eye was the date the article was published.  Oddly enough, that's my birth date!   

Wow did that ever add to the significance for me, so again, I thank you friend!  ;D

I cried like a baby when I read that. Of course I told him about my full near death experience as well. But that BIRTH DATE was what convinced him to not check out! And that particular NDE is the one I felt MOVED to offer him after praying for him. I had no idea what his birth date was.

Considering I researched NDEs for less than 8 hours before sending him that one, the odds were ASTRONOMICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that I could have selected his birth date randomly. There's a LOT MORE going on with us than biochemistry, Surly.

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