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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 10933 times)

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Re: Darwin
« Reply #60 on: January 24, 2015, 07:05:13 pm »
JoeMc says
"Hey, you know what all these genomes are telling us? They're telling us that all living things descended from a common ancestor, and the reason there are different species, is because they evolved through natural selection."

You see the theory of evolution is so tight, you can run it in reverse. You can look at every part of what today's species have inherited and it still holds true

Uh. no, Joe. That's NOT what the incredibly complex mechanisms within the cells of ALL life forms discovered in the last two decades have provided NO BRAINER evidence for.

"Run it in REVERSE"!!? Is that a joke? DNA isn't a pack of random nucleotide bases that piggy backed on some crystals to become single celled life forms. That postulate is so improbable it is laughable. And even if you could get single celled life forms to spontaneously self organize (impossible in a 12 to 14 year old universe), there is that minor issue of what DNA actually does BEYOND providing a structure for protein replication.

I am talking about encoding that PREVENTS speciation. It's there. EVERY CELL IN EVERY EARTHLING HAS IT. It's a watch dog. Did you not learn about it in your ecology courses? HOW does a code for life that, according to SET, came into being RANDOMLY encode to AVOID randomness, JoeM?

That's what species do, you know. Our genetic engineers have one hell of a time when they "intelligently" (depending on your point of view  ;D) modify the design of complex life forms. Unlike a bacterium that you can switch out and replace plasmids in to get them to pump out this or that protein, complex animals like sheep and fish have mechanisms that do one of two things in general:

1) DNA code causes the organism to reject new genetic material, NOT as an IMMUNE RESPONSE, but because the cells (in an, as yet, unexplained "this is not me" mechanism) trigger organism death.

2) The GMOed organism becomes sterile ( "This is not me so I do not wish to pass this on" mechanism). Sometimes sterility does not occur. BUT, the new material does not make it to the next generation. So when you read about how Monsanto cleverly makes GMOs self destruct, realize that THEY did not come up with that. That is the NORM when you jack around with species DNA. Typically of corporations, they claim they invented it. LOL!

That said, GMOers have had some (VERY) limited success at getting complex life forms to incorporate new genetic information. But there is no way in hell that anybody can call THAT evidence of how "tight" SET is. The evidence proves that ONLY by GMOing life forms (i.e. "Intelligent" Homo SAP Design   ) can you CROSS THE SPECIES BARRIER encoded in the DNA.

Your assumption that because we all have DNA, synthesize proteins, have form following function analogous "peripherals" like limbs, bone structure, nervous systems, cartilage and so on explains nothing about HOW all these separate and distinct species BECAME separate and distinct from the speciation of single celled life. Correlation is not causation here because life, speciation and replication comes from the DNA code, not from the observed hundreds of thousands of species that are the PRODUCT of a VERY species specific, non-random code sequence that fights tooth and nail to prevent any modifications in it.

The Correlation that POINTS to CAUSATION is in the species barrier mechanism that PREVENTS increasing complexity and discards genetic information from lack of use. This is evidence for entropic DEVOLUTION, not EVOLUTION.

It is clear that you have never actually read some of the hard scientific literature about the gargantuan number of possibilities present, even if you have 250 complex proteins AVAILABLE RANDOMLY in the CORRECT sequence (impossible in 14 billion years), to CODE the DNA so it will ERROR CORRECT (prevent change) in defense of the life form template.
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