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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13835 times)

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Re: Darwin
« Reply #165 on: March 28, 2020, 12:58:56 pm »
Click on image below for update:

Agelbert RANT: The slower pace of life due to COVID-19 required Social Isolation/Distancing will hopefully get people to think about what really matters, rather than what some Social Darwinist corporate CEO wants them to think that "matters".

Hat tip to Surly ✨ for pointing me to the following news stories.

🦕🦖 Charles Koch Network Pushed $1 Billion Cut to CDC, Now Attacks Shelter-in-Place Policies for Harming Business

Doctors And Nurses Say More People Are Dying Of COVID-19 In The US Than We Know

Trump Is Haggling Over Ventilator Prices While Coronavirus Patients Die

Trump's mismanagement helped fuel coronavirus crisis

The consequences of a flawed evolutionary paradigm are severly deleterious to rational  and logical thinking in modern society.

Capitalists fail to connect the negative consequences of predatory capitalist, rampant planetary exploition with the Darwinian concept of a mad scramble for resources by amino acids self assembling in a totally random manner resulting in the giant truck that is running us over now.

It's MIGHTY convenient for the conscience free psychos that fathered GAME THEORY (a twisted view of interrelationships between sentient beings justifying any and all heinous and barbaric behavior in the quest for who gets the most toys "caloric intake, etc") to have DARWIN around to make everything jes' natural behavior.

The evolutionary paradigm DID include cooperation as FAR more important than predation in the perpetuation of a species BUT the psychos quickly underplayed that so their planet trashing could have "scientific" backing.

Think about it:
Darwin--> Wall Street "scientific" fig leaf hijacking-->Freud-->Game Theory, a PARADIGM DESIGNED TO REPLACE the GOLDEN RULE as the most rational and species perpetuating behavior (the "fittest") is PRECISELY WHAT IS BEHIND the LACK OF GUILT by the 1% for TRASHING THE PLANET!

Altruism, cooperation, sustainability, holistic view of every process to see its value in the biosphere from the birth of new life to the decay of dead matter, NESESSARY for that future new life, is ABSENT from the modern paradigmatic view of SUCCESS. It's SUICIDAL and CRIMINALLY INSANE.

But they won't let it go because, because... THEY KNOW it will lead to GUILT, LIABILITY and an END to the con games denying reality. Love thy Neighbor as Thyself is not optional in the biosphere.

Survival of the "fittest", NO! Survival of the altruistic, YES!

The following is NOT what I was taught about Darwin's Theory in College Biology. But, it's nice that they are fighting Wall Street's CELEBRATION of GREED with some 🧐👨‍🔬🔬 HARD SCIENCE!       

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Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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