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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13566 times)

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Re: Darwin
« on: October 18, 2013, 11:53:43 pm »
I hear you. I have felt exactly the same for most of my life. Only in the last year have I started to dig hard using the scientific method to test the theory of Evolution and I have come up with a fairy tale of great imagination but no proof.

I remember the arguments I had with my biology profs (none of them were atheists, by the way) where I agreed that evolution had taken place but the alleged proofs they were presenting on multi-celled algae and plants, cell formation and mitochondria migration were theories without proof.

I argued that 98% of mutations are harmful and that the DNA code forcefully rejects change, rather than easily accepts even a positive mutation.

I argued that the so-called "junk" DNA that comprises more than 70% of human DNA (practically ALL life forms have "junk" DNA) is THERE to be triggered by an adaptation. No new data is necessary (that was in 1989 - science has scince discovered that the "junk" DNA is not junk at all but a series of codes for genes to be turned on under certain conditions. I was right about that one!).

Each life form is distinct. Claiming we came from this or that just because you can make a bacterium produce insulin by inserting a DNA plasmid into it so it codes for insulin points at a creator, not random chance because WE are INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNING a bacterium that has NEVER produced insulin by chance. And Bacteria have had a LOT of TIME, according to evolutionists, to produce everything from antibiotics to sunscreen.  ;D Yet E. Coli bacteria, in all those millions and millions and maybe billions of years hadn't evolved insulin manufacturing ability (an EXTREMLY useful substance in a wide variety of life forms that would have given said bacterium and evolutionary advantage) until we engineered them to!

Many of my profs agreed that God started the ball rolling but he did it through evolution. I said, fine, but what you are showing me is ADAPTATION from a DNA package not  evolution through random mutation. When you can show me some random positive mutation that "evolved" one type of life form to another, then I'll agree we have proof.

Even those finches with all the different beak lengths and shapes that Darwin claimed were examples of evolution were NOT. It has since been proven that ALL the finch "different species" he drew were IN FACT, all of a single species. Their DNA PACKAGE enabled them to ADAPT to different conditions through different beak lengths.

They DID NOT MUTATE. They DID NOT EVOLVE. They could, and still can, procreate one with another, despite the different beak lengths.

So, all that said, let's go to the article you posted.

First, the reconstruction is an artists conception and a cruel joke. They don't have a clue whether this skull had that hair pattern or looked (as is the obvious intent here) as a missing link of some kind. It is NOT POSSIBLE to tell from a skull what a NOSE looks like. Now tell me, does that nose not look like a something between and ape and a negro? Can you say, agenda?

Second, if that skull is in a "2 million year old strata", they are NOT using carbon 14 dating. They are using the old, "it's in this type of rock strata so it MUST be X million years old because ALL of this type of strata has been DETERMINED (INTERPRETATION through the I.E. Rock strata column age hypothesis, not a fixed radio isotope dating method. WHY? Because they get embarrassingly widely varying data by 10s to 100s of millions of years of the SAME strata in different parts of the world) to be to be 2 million years old". IOW it's 2 million years old because THEY SAID SO (see the mungo man article above with a similar dating difficulty controversy).

Now suppose they find some Carbon 14 in that skull? What does that do to their "2 million year old rock strata" assumption.

The entire story is just that. When we can PROVE something is 2 million years old or more, then we can start talking about evolution. They have volcanic rock formed less than 50 years ago that DATES to over 3 million years old! So whether they are making geographic column strata assumptions or doing some type of radioisotope dating, they are guessing at the dates, not providing scientific proof of them.

Here's a great example. NOBODY had checked diamonds ( the hardest form of carbon and the hardest substance known) for Carbon 14 because they were ASSUMED to be milliions to billions of years old. Well, they have found Carbon 14 in diamonds. That means that unbelievable pressures somehow made these diamonds within the last 30,000 years. Crazy, right?

But let's drop the strata and fossils for a second and discuss living evolutionary mechanisms like our human biochemistry. We are supposed to be complex, VERY evolved critters, right? We are supposed to be higher life forms far more evolved than plants, right?

Well, they have now found that a few very primitive creatures like sea squirts and certain plants share with humans the production of biochemicals that have just recently been discovered (over the last 2 decades) to be vital to our immune system, neurotransmittion and pain signaling. These chemicals are called cannabinoids.

What's the big deal? They seem to have "defied" evolution! It doesn't make modern scientific sense for us to produce the same stuff that cannabis and sea squirts do if "evolution" constantly, over millions of years acts on all subsystems of life forms. I mean, evolutionists claim we went from single celled life forms to multicellular myriad life forms that populate the rocks, the land, the sea, the air and even sulphur vents on the bottom of the ocean. We late comers are EVOLVED, right? Are you going to tell me that our immune systems and pain signaling and inflammatory response was FIXED from the start and HASEN'T "evolved"? That's heresy!

But here it is. and they don't know quite what to make of it.

Dr Roger Pertwee: Department of Biomedical Sciences, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD, Scotland, UK

"I am excited about cannabinoids because they reveal that we have these marvelous systems in our bodies," he said "Where do they come from? Why are they there? The endogenous cannabinoid system, with its vast network of receptors and chemical messengers, deals with pain, muscle, motor function, thought, and mood. It's been detected in very primitive organisms, and yet it has survived evolution from very early on and therefore it must be quite an important system for us to have. It's a wonderful system to study."

The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), a group founded in 1991. The ICRS has hundreds of member-researchers studying "cannabinoids," which are marijuana's most interesting ingredients.


It simply has not occurred (because it is UNTHINKABLE) that, if we did not evolve but were created and plugged in to the package deal biosphere, his question answers itself. 
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