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Author Topic: Computer Software Security  (Read 1563 times)

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Computer Software Security
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:23:48 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: What People should know about the Replace Exclusive OR Instruction (RXOR) and Hackers.

The page contains images that come from the domain "somecards.com" which is presumably on Symantec's blacklist for hosting malicious .jpg images.
This blanket approach is too broad, giving false positives, but you can never be too careful, especially if you are using a Windows OS.

In regard to ensuring careful attention to potential attacks, for once, we agree. 

I programmed a mainframe air traffic control computer for several years. I was one of the few who could program in machine code. That means I am an expert at using Boolean algebra (denoting a system of algebraic notation used to represent logical propositions, especially in computing and electronics.) to talk directly with a computer. What does that have to do with this discussion?

I know, for example, that the RXOR instruction (that ALL COMPUTERS USE ROUTINELY)  is a toggle switch to completely reroute a program path a certain way, and then when the same key sequence is made, reroute it back. THAT is one of the FEW ways that hackers use to do their thing. Yes, I'm sure you know that. But I am bringing it to the fore here  so readers can understand that hacking is not some big mysterious thing for math "wizards"; it is a way for devious individuals of average, not superior, intelligence to try to STEAL from honest people. 

ALL computers MUST run in machine language, regardless of what "high order" language they use to interface human speak commands about math and labels to the machine language of binary bit coding. The only nuances in machine language (bit pattern the hardware understands) come from the size of a "word" (this determines where to set the far left bit when a "word" is a negative number) and whether you use octal or hexadecimal numbering. But in the end, it's all  LA(load accumulator) followed by other instructions like shift left so many bits or shift right so many bits, OR, XOR, RXOR, AND, NOT, SA (store in the accumulator), jump to label contents (address) if flag is set or don't jump if the flag is not set. etc.

The point is that hackers can ONLY get into your stuff by pushing some code into a program branch that is routinely used. THAT'S IT. They make a big deal about "viruses" and "malware" and "ransomeware" and "phishing" (and so "I am the greatest and can steal you blind so be afraid" on braggadocio), but it's all MAINLY about the RXOR.

The RXOR can, by jumping to a subroutine that zeroes out multiple memory locations, effectively wipe out giant swaths of code, if that's what you want to do, AND LEAVE NO TRACE that it was done. But they do that only when they want to crash your system without leaving evidence you can analyze in a post crash dump (trigger a Store zeroes instruction to the area the they reprogrammed).

The BASTARDS that do hacking these days do not really want to crash your system; they want to WATCH what you do in order to steal you blind. So, they insert a RXOR to, in nanoseconds, store some of your activity and rapidly return to your normal routine.

What they call "worms" and "viruses" are simply a step by step process to to get into what is called "protected" memory (read only) and WRITE something into it. That "something" is usually a RXOR (replace exclusive or) instruction that sends your program to a quiet key logger and back. They can be real "sophisticated" and put timers for DOING STUFF at certain dates or when certain activity is detected. It is all quite entertaining to unethical bastards that enjoy this sort of thing.

So, yeah, you can be assured that I will ALWAYS be VERY careful.  8)
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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Re: Computer Software Security
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2018, 02:09:15 pm »
Windows Update 😈 May Soon Reboot Your PC Immediately (If You Want, But Why❓)

CHRIS HOFFMAN  @chrisbhoffman

DECEMBER 21, 2018, 12:59PM EDT

What’s the most annoying thing about Windows Update? If you said the reboots, Microsoft has got you covered. Soon, Windows Update may be able to reboot your PC immediately after updates rather than waiting for a convenient time—wait, what?

It sounds ridiculous, but that’s one of the latest features reported by Albacore (@thebookisclosed) on Twitter. He’s found various other new Windows features before Microsoft has officially announced them, including the Windows Sandbox recently. We imagine Microsoft is at least testing this feature, even if it never makes it into the stable version of Windows.

Here’s the good news: This feature is optional. If you like, you can “stay up to date with a new setting that automatically restarts your device to install updates as soon as they’re ready.” Windows Update promises it will always notify you and give you the opportunity to postpone the reboot. But, if you’ve stepped away from your PC for a few minutes, you might return only to see that your PC has suddenly rebooted and you missed the countdown.

If you happen to be some sort of die-hard Windows Update fan, Microsoft has got you covered. New feature that restarts ASAP is in the works. pic.twitter.com/KUnwNGf3jq

— Albacore (@thebookisclosed) December 19, 2018

This feature just boggles our minds. Who asked for this? Windows can already reboot fairly quickly after updates, using features like Active Hours to restart when you’re not using your PC. Recent versions even use machine learning to detect whether you’re using your PC before restarting. Who asked for Windows Update’s reboots to be even more aggressive? Even Apple’s iPads don’t have an option to reboot this aggressively for automatic updates.

Windows 10’s next big update already includes a new system tray icon that can alert you when you need to restart, too. So there’s even less need for this feature!

If this “restart ASAP” feature ever does arrive, it will likely be part of the next version of Windows, codenamed 19H1 and scheduled for release around April 2019. It’s an optional feature, so it doesn’t really matter—but who would use this feature, and why?


Agelbert NOTE: There were about 90 comments on this article. I am an old mainframe programmer that knows a thing or two about the binary bidness of computahs. The latest generation of computer owners are quite savy, but they have a tendency to forget the basics when they argue abour what is arbitrarily, and incorrectly, trashed by Microsoft, and how to prevent the loss of data.

I hope that I cleared the air somewhat with this comment I just posted there (NOTE: "low" level in computer architecture mean "more important"  ;D. The lowest level is "Da software GODFADER 🦍"):

Agelbert: Maybe Microsoft 😈 does not want to admit how invasive their monitoring of eveything you do (i.e. scrutinizing EVERY newly open file) is, but it is child's play for their reboot software to look at every file that is "open" (i.e. new or being modified) and save that using an "autosave" feature (like Sketchup has if you are working and it crashes before you save a 3D file).

After reboot, the system would then tell you which files were "autosaved" (i.e. the ones you were working on and had not saved when the reboot hit) so you could elect to save them with a new file name or just save them as the modified file you were working on. 👍🌞

This is not hard. If Microsoft wants to make a claim that they do not see everything you do and are not scrutinizing it 24/7 with AI or whatever, that is irrelevant. 🤔

Because reboot 🦍 software 👀 is at the lowest possible level of computer operation. It overrides EVERY 🧐 program, subprogram and software housekeeping routines in there.

THAT MEANS that ANY opened file is fair game at reboot time for being AUTOMATICALLY saved, WITH A NEW NAME to differentiate it as a newer version of the original file, by the reboot software, as long as there is some space in your nondestructive storage for it. IOW, Microsoft incorporating this feature in their reboot software would give them the excuse that they "only look at what you are doing when reboot time comes". 😇😉

We know better, but it's a good excuse! 😀

At any rate, Microsoft has NO EXCUSE for deep sixing ANY file you have opened, saved or whatever, when they do a reboot.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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Re: Computer Software Security
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2019, 04:35:31 pm »

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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Re: Computer Software Security
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2019, 11:37:21 am »

We're hypocrites if we cry about spying via backdoors. Every commercial OS here in the states has backdoors built in. Everyone with a smart phone is being spied on, even if the phone is turned off (only pulling the battery stops monitoring). We've done this for some time, piggybacking off big gov/MIC measures like the Patriot Act.

Yes, China engages in espionage. Yes, the Sesame Credit system is Orwellian. However, if you're a US citizen, it's not China you have to worry about, it's Uncle Scam.



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