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Author Topic: How the Promise of Chemurgy Was Dashed by Big Oil  (Read 1857 times)

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The Rockefellers BEGINS at 18:35 into the video

Learn how the Rockefellers turned the USA into an Oil Oligarchy. THEY were the ones who created the framework of U.S. Foreign intelligence agencies and policies that continue to this day fomenting wars.

Also they were instrumental in our Domestic policy (education and health for a brainwashed obedient and "healthy enough to work in factories" labor force).

Although this discussion of American History, complete with the machine gunning and burning of men, women and children by Rockefeller goons calling themselves the "Colorado Militia" (NOT!) at a miner's strike in Ludlow is given in 1978, you can see ALL the tentacles that were in place THEN proving we are NOT a Representative Republic or a Democracy but, IN REALITY, an Oil Oligarchy. >:(

The corrupt shell corporation practices and (fake) philanthropic tax dodges of the modern corporation used to bribe or bully elected officials to do the bidding of NON-elected Foundation and think tank DICTATORS was pioneered by the Rockefellers.

The policy of making foreign lands safe for multinational corporations was pioneered by them.

They set the sick, putrid, wasteful PATTERN of planetary predatory capitalism that OWNS this country and most of the world.

It will be interesting to see how they plan to survive now that it has been laid bare that THEY and their "business practices" as well as "greed is good" mindset are TOTALLY responsible for our present climate catastrophe.

The Rockefellers and their ilk dove wantonly and arrogantly into society and planetary resources with the power of fossil fuels as if they were gods that could remake the Earth and we-the-people into a nice , predictable, productive and profitable slave empire. They thought they had it ALL FIGURED OUT.

Their TITANIC HUBRIS, PLANET SIZED EGOS and GREEDY FACES, after swan diving with all the power of oil into everybody's business, now faced with horrendous climate change, are coming up with SAND IN THEIR MOUTHS!

And the biosphere looks on and observes that pride cometh before a fall. The bigger they are the HARDER they fall. Too bad we-the-people have to fall too.

What are the odds that the 1%, with THE Rockefellers & friends Octopus in charge, at the pinnacle of human power and having human society by the short hairs, are going to become cooperative, altruistic and respectful of the biosphere's other Earthlings as matter of SURVIVAL, not just common sense?

What are the chances they will realize they are the biggest, most well organized, industrially efficient SCREW UPS in human history?

What are the chances they will mend their ways?

What did Dorian Gray do when he finally had to face who he REALLY was?

We can only hope.

"ARGO floats have allowed accurate measurement of ocean heat gain since 2005. Earth is gaining energy at a rate 0.6 W/m2, which is 20 times greater than the rate of human energy use. That energy is equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day, 365 days per year."

A New Age of Risk
James Hansen
Mobilizing Science for Sustainable Development:
The Sustainable Development Solutions Network
22 September 2012
Low Memorial Library, Columbia University
New York, NY

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if it has not works, is dead, being alone.


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