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Author Topic: Fossil Fuels: Degraded Democracy and Profit Over Planet Pollution  (Read 23401 times)

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The 44 Koch Cronies Staffing 45’s Administration


It’s no secret that despite Trump’s campaign bluster about being immune to influence by the Koch Brothers , they have effectively become the Administration of 45th President of the United States.

From VP Pence’s well-documented Koch connections to the appointees now serving obscure positions within agencies, it’s hard to get a sense of just how effective the Koch network has been at infiltrating the administration.

Fortunately, Public Citizen gives us a good idea with its new report, aptly titled The Koch Government, which identifies 44 Trump appointees with ties to the Kochs. In some cases, like Mick Mulvaney and Rick Perry, it’s politicians whose campaigns received Koch donations now serving in leadership positions. Current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, for example (who is also rumored to be the replacement for Tillerson at the Department of State) represented the Koch’s hometown of Wichita, Kansas and earned a reputation as the billionaire brother’s “favorite congressman.”

Then there are the people who worked for the Koch Foundation before arriving in the administration. Some of the folks Public Citizen takes a look at were officially hired Koch lobbyists, while others acted as unofficial lobbyists employed by the vast web of nonprofits funded by the Kochs.

The web is wide and diverse: at the EPA, we’re talking about Pruitt, who’s worked in concert with the Kochs, Samantha Dravis, who was counsel for Koch’s Freedom Partners, Charles Munoz, who was a field organizer for the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity , and more.

Meanwhile, over at Interior, Koch ties manifest in the background of people like Freedom Partners’s Gary Lawkowski, the Charles Koch Institute’s Daniel Jorjani and Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Doug Domenech (and their employee, Kathleen Hartnett White, who is likely to soon be confirmed as chair of the Council on Environmental Quality). At DoE, it’s Koch-donation-receiving Rick Perry, Koch lobbyist Mark Menezes, and people employed by Koch-funded groups like Travis Fisher, Doug Matheny and Alex Fitzsimmons.   

And it’s not just the Pruitts and Perrys at EPA and DOE, where we would expect to find people to advance oily Koch interests. The Koch network has also installed operatives at the Department of Education to carry out the Kochs’ longtime agenda against public education under the guise of promoting charter schools.

Public Citizen’s report also includes a list of 16 major targets for the Trump administration, as detailed by the Koch’s Freedom Partners “Roadmap to Repeal” deregulatory agenda document released in January.

Of the 16 issues, the Kochs can count nine clear wins, including rolling back the Clean Power Plan and exiting Paris, which Pruitt’s started, rescinding the moratorium on federal coal leases, repealing the Stream Protection Rule, killing an overtime pay rule, and more.  There’s one likely win, 4 issues still unclear, and only 2 losses.

Half the Koch’s wishlist already checked off? And people say Trump hasn’t accomplished anything!

It REALLY WAS a good ride, not for you and me, but for TPTB. So expect them to do WHATEVER to prolong their RIDE, against all scientific evidence that EXPLOITATION WITHOUT REFLECTION OF FELLOW EARTHLINGS OF ALL SPECIES (not just humans) AND THE BIOSPHERE FOR PROFIT OVER PLANET is deleterious (i.e. SUICIDAL/abysmally STUPID) to the Homo SAP species.

It obviously started when Pence was selected as running mate, because he was the Koch go-to guy in Washington for years when he was in congress. I think there is evidence that Trump then kissed the Koch ring and swore fealty sometime between the election and the inauguration.

The Koch brothers money has done as much or more damage in state elections as it has done in DC. That's what's behind the shift to the right in the general population.

It's a bought-and-paid-for coup d'etat, and now they are buying all the media outlets to silence the voices of opposition. Game, set , match. We are so fu ck ed.

I do not think the "shift to the right in the general population" is anything but a Koch bought-and-paid for media (false) perception. When honest polls have been done, the fact is that that the general population of the USA favors Socialism in government, not profit over people and planet Capitalism. Deliberately targeted voter disenfranchisement and undemocratic gerrymandering has more to do with getting Kochroachs "elected" to State and Federal government positions than anything else.

I know you do not believe that, but I agree with you that our country and our planet is in dire straits.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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