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Author Topic: Fossil Fuels: Degraded Democracy and Profit Over Planet Pollution  (Read 21625 times)

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Agelbert NOTE: A fossil fuel industry propagandist using the MKing handle he WON'T use his NAME   ) made an interesting claim recently. He said that he spoke to the governor of North Dakota.

Exact Quote from MKing:
I've actually spoken with the ND Governor back when things were blowing and going, as well as the Federal land managers of MT and ND, and there was a perspective there of 40 years of drilling to be had. Discussing why that might not be the most likely outcome, and that the amount of oil they were counting on might not be as large as they expected, was quite a chore. My presentation on this topic to Lynn Helms went over better.

I rather doubt that.

Doubt it all you'd like, it doesn't change the facts. And I won't mention the other folks in the room, because it would give away the exact meeting, and my place in it.

Quote from: agelbert

People who refuse to make their name public should not resort to such puffery.

Who said anything about my name not being public? RE and Surly have been going through my decades of science, not finding as much as a misspelled word, are you saying they didn't include you when passing this information around? You should ask for it.

And I have explained previously why I consider low profiles quite excellent. Go reread that.

Quote from: agelbert
But if some fossil fuel front man defending Fracking in North Dakota did speak to the governor, I am certain the following was accidently on purpose not mentioned in the conversation.  ;) Yes, the study was just published. But if you think the Frackers were unaware of these ""externalized" costs dumped on we-the-people so they could make more profit over planet, you do not understand the MKings of this world. They know. They know.   

If I was a front man, they never would have let me in the door. Get caught playing advocate as a scientist Anthony, and the credibility that took decades to establish through proper science can go right out the door.

A nice collection of non-answers from the MKing troll    , as usual.

Your NAME, you know, the one on your birth certificate, is NOT public until you post it HERE, just like I post mine, regardless of whether Surly and RE AND Eddie are in on your precious "Public" identity (that we "low life degree lacking plebeians" aren't "worthy" of knowing).

What "facts"? You mean the Monday morning quaterbacking bullshit? Post the "presentation" to the Governor of N.D. HERE with all those "warnings" about how "things would get worse" for fracking in the future or STFU.

Your "low profile" MO claim is only valid contingent on you not making name dropping boasts about your "presentations" to a state governor or your conference attendances with your "pal", Harold Hamm. Otherwise, not using your name publicly is a cheap dodge worthy of disdain.

When you post your NAME here, not just to the ADMINS, you MIGHT get some credibility as one of Billionaire Fracker Harold Hamm's FRONT MEN. You have alluded to that from time to time as if Hamm was anything but a welfare queen, tax dodging, pollution externalizing ASS HOLE.

Until then, I suggest you but your zero credibility boasts where the sun doesn't shine, Mr. fossil fuel industry propagandist.

And as for your typical response to the following  that you have a degree and I don't, SO WHAT?

There are scores of engineers and scientists BOUGHT by the fossil fuel and chemical industries with "advanced" degrees in science that lie on a daily basis.


I don't have a degree but I have forgotten more physics and thermodynamics than you ever learned in your pathetic efforts to justify fossil fuel industry profit over planet.

People like you still think human nutrient processing oxidation for caloric intake is equivalent to hydrocarbon combustion oxidation. People like you think enzyme mediated active transport is something that goes on in a chemical factory. People like you cannot see all the pollution holes in the thermodynamic constants used to determine enthalpy of formation of hydrocarbons using Hess's Law.

You claim, repeatedly (and erroneously), that fossil fuels are "cheaper" than Renewable energy harvesting technologies.

Every time I or somebody else points out that the fossil fuel industry CANNOT survive without subsidies, you change the subject or resort to mockery and derision.

When someone PROVES that Fracking MUST FLARE (POLLUTE WE-THE-PEOPLE) up to one third by volume the gases coming up a fracked well in order to make a profit, you puff about your "knowledge" and how "only ignorant people" question your "eminent" scientific background INSTEAD OF TALKING FACTS.

When a post comes up PROVING you frackers MUST discharge your wastewater crap free of any environmental regulatory constraints (i.e. POLLUTE willy nilly) in order, and in addition to, flaring, BECAUSE OF THE COSTS of avoiding said pollution, you ignore the post.

And you have, FOR YEARS, denied the FACT that over 90% of all well casings in fracked wells leak CRAP into the aquifers within five years.

You have consistently DENIED the fact that, had Cheney not gamed the water quality laws to give Fracking a polluting free-for-all, there would BE NO FRACKING BOOM, PERIOD.

YOU and the BASTARDS you represent made money BECAUSE, and ONLY BECAUSE, you could POLLUTE your way to obtaining the fossil fuels AND be welfare queen subsidized on top of that!

AND ALL those posts about Fracking piggery are based on PEER REVIEWED scientific studies, not on my opinion.

YET, you ALWAYS try to make this about me instead of the subject of the ECONOMIC STUPIDITY and environmental HARM of fossil fuels.

And YOU do that because you don't have an argument.
So you have a degree. SO WHAT? There are scores of engineers and scientists that have one that lie for money on a daily basis. You are one of them.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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