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Author Topic: Fossil Fuels: Degraded Democracy and Profit Over Planet Pollution  (Read 23816 times)

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LEARN WHY MOST of the Medals of HONOR awarded for one "battle" in U.S. History were awarded. Learn what you were never told about President Lincoln. Learn how the American Dream of PROPERTY OWNERSHIP worshiped by all "freedom loving capitalists" was USED to TAKE LAKOTAH PROPERTY AWAY FROM THEM!

The last chapter in ANY SUCCESSFUL GENOCIDE is when the oppressor can lift up his hands and say, "My God, what are these people doing to themselves? They are killing each other!  What is WRONG with these people?".    THIS is how we came to "own" these United States.

The Unity Concert is a gathering of members of the Pte Oyate (Buffalo Nation, also called the Great Sioux Nation), artists, performers and concerned global citizens committed to educating and raising support for the Black Hills Initiative. Its organizers and participants believe that the only way for the United States of America to be truly great is to honor its word. Honor the treaties. Join us in healing the Heart of a Nation by restoring the guardianship of the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation.

On September 13th and 14th, 2014, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, thousands of people will converge for a UNITY CONCERT -- bringing together Native American tribes with those on the right side of justice to return the guardianship of the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation.


To those whiteys that read this and rush to say the Lakotah have been HURT but it "wasn't MY FAULT"... Yes it IS your fault BECAUSE, as long as you think the Congressional District Boundaries in the Lakotah area are VALID, you are contributing to this ONGOING GENOCIDE. Live with it! USA! USA! USA!

No, I am not going to the concert. I am poor. But always remember, if you are white and you are well off,  it's NOT YOUR FAULT.  ;)

NOTE: The following is NOT addressed anyone here personally; It is addressed to people of good will, regardless of color:  8)

Both my wife and I are considered minority trailer trash here in Vermont. In many ways similar to the Lakotah, our lives are somewhat self destructive and counterproductive. We struggle with a Dysphoric Mood because we ARE REALISTS that whitey will ALWAYS blame on our "mental health" rather than on a SICK, GREEDBALL, PROFIT OVER PLANT, SUICIDAL SOCIETY.

My wife, who could pass for a (very tall  ;D) Lakotah any time, is used to being targeted by the cops everywhere she goes. For complaining about prejudicial treatment at a supermarket, she was FORCED to abide by an order to STAY AWAY FOR A YEAR WITHOUT HAVING COMMITED ANY FELONY OR MISDEMEANOR WHATSOEVER.

The police delivered the order to her when she tried to go grocery shopping about three years ago. The "grounds" were "creating a disturbance". She said complaining about treatment was NOT creating a disturbance and the (at this time SMIRKING) store manager (that had gotten the order through the cops) had no grounds to get a restraining order. The THREE police (two males and one female - ya always need  show of FORCE for these blackies and brownies, ya know! ) officers repeated that she could not come on the premises or she would be arrested.

One (SMIRKING) police officer gave her a card and said "You can give my name to your lawyer (GRIN)". She obeyed the order for a year and went RIGHT BACK to shop at the same Hannaford to the horror of ALL the employees that act like King Kong just walked in the door and scatter when she comes in. My wife is a TOUGH COOKIE. But it's on the OUTSIDE only. The scars and the pain of whitey injustice for a person that graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Science and a Major in Chemistry go DEEP.  I understand the Lakotah QUITE WELL. I hope and pray that God will reward their tenacity, decency and love of justice.

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Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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