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Author Topic: Fossil Fuels: Degraded Democracy and Profit Over Planet Pollution  (Read 13378 times)

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Documentary Exposes Fossil Fuel Industries Assault    on the Wild West


Excellent Comment:


"Sometimes it seems like there’s no frontier left unspoiled by greed and the potential for profit." This is a very interesting observation. The sudden onslaught of corporate assaults upon what is left of the "unspoiled frontier" makes one begin to wonder if it is truly being motivated simply by corporate greed or something even darker like a fear and hatred of "untamed" Nature itself.

It is reminiscent in fact of the Puritan's insistence on burning down primeval forests and slaughtering wild life and "wild Indians" as some how a "threat" to their salvation, a reminder that they belong to Nature first, only secondarily and belatedly to "Civilization".

What is really behind this increasing onslaught that forests, wolves, wild horses, anything original in its reminder of the innocence of Eden must be wiped out as a painful memory of Paradise Lost ? It is easy to explain the profiteer's motive behind wiping out primeval forest land in Alaska or our wild horses running free.

It is less easy to explain the public's willing apathy in the face of such relentless destruction. Have we/they become so infused with what Erich Fromm called the "fear of freedom" (also the fear of what is natural) that we are ready to bend the knee entirely to this complete domination by corporate hostility to all that is not yet tainted by its grasping taloned outreach for profit ?

Have we so receded from the memory of Eden itself, so to speak, that we now side with dark winged Lucifer himself, Mephistopheles who tempted us to choose Power over Nature instead of happy harmony within Nature ?
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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