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Author Topic: Fossil Fuels: Degraded Democracy and Profit Over Planet Pollution  (Read 23816 times)

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The Fantasy of Distributed Generation, Efficiency, and Storage Raising Electric Rates  

 Scott Sklar, The Stella Group 
 August 29, 2014


Money Quote SNIPPET: 

Whether you’re in the Tea Party staunchly against government-supported monopolies or an environmentalist severely concerned about global climate change, the one thing the entire political spectrum should agree on is that spending trillions of rate payer dollars on generation facilities will not provide stable electric rates or lower costs for consumers. In fact, the opposite is true — saving energy and meeting a significant portion of one’s own needs through private investments will insure a more effective low-cost energy system.

In the early 1970’s, the management of MA BELL, our only phone company, said cellular was a whim in a country with 99.8 percent quality service — who would pay 15 times more for a unit of communication? It’s déjà vu all over again. I am hearing the exact same thing from many electric utilities and their regulators. Sorry Charlie, we’ve heard that all before.

Agelbert Comment:  

 A. G. Gelbert    August 29, 2014

Great article! This is sound reasoning that the fossil fuel "world" refuses to recognize.

I will add that the link between human health care costs and dirty energy costs far more to the economy than the "loss" of tax revenue from those who stop using fossil fuels for transportation and/or homes. Are they going to want to charge somebody a ridiculous surtax because they don't use heating oil any more!!?

It's time for people to make it clear to the government officials that the MATH of our economy includes ALL costs to the PEOPLE. This is supposed to be about the PEOPLE, not the welfare money for dirty energy welfare queens and politiicians looking for a revenue stream.

Health care is an enormous burden on municipal, state and national finances BECAUSE dirty energy is REWARDED for sickening our population through taxes and "subsidies" (institutionalized THEFT!). The politicians get some of the graft and the dirty energy corporations pay NONE of the costs that we-the-people have to carry.

That's not "doing the math"; that's CORRUPTION and suicidal insanity in the service of profit over planet.

Do your part. Raise your voice against this ridiculous, insane, corrupt and suicidal world view that babies the dirty energy producers destroying our environment.      

DEMAND a Government backed, World War Two style transition to 100% renewable energy in a decade or less!
Progress on: Petition to Demand a WORLD WAR TWO STYLE MASSIVE, ALL OUT EFFORT to transition to 100% Renewable Energy within a DECADE
Please Pass it on. People NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

Ms. Jan Thomas, IL Aug 25, 06:51 # 359
OK--358 signers in two months. I guess that says something about how much we care about the most critical issue of our lives!

Ms. Pam Russell, CO Aug 08, 14:08 # 353
Please get moving on cleaning up the environmental damage; on putting all USA intellectual and technical energy, governmental funding into transitioning to CLEAN ENERGY! We the People are SO tired of waiting the "The change we can believe in." Fracking, deep sea drilling, nuclear power plants, spreading poisons over our farmlands, pouring poisons, filth, fossil fuels, etc., into our lakes and rivers, manufacturing SO MUCH JUNK THAT IS MOSTLY PLASTIC only to throw it into landfills, AND THE OCEANS - This ALL MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY!! PLEASE!

Mrs. Roshani Sahu, India Aug 08, 11:51 # 352

Dr. Zanne Thanarose, TX Aug 08, 06:00 # 351

Name not displayed, WA Aug 06, 18:01 # 350

Name not displayed, OH Aug 06, 13:18 # 349
For our sustainable civilization and prosperity, go EV and HEV plus PV!

Mr. Fred Delmer, CA Aug 05, 21:43 # 348
Grow Hemp and get paid under Farm Act to grow as biofuel herbacious feedstock.

Ms. Bonnie Jean Tucker, NC Aug 03, 15:38 # 347
President Obama if you would consider the American people over your campaign donors, this Liberty from fossil fuels could work and would help free people from the debt of rising energy bills.Fossil fuels are not sustainable and you should LEAD THE COUNTRY ON THE RIGHT PATH NOW!!!!!
Ms. Teresa Sumrall, FL Jul 31, 16:20 # 342
There is no reason that we can not move to renewable energies. We have plenty of sunshine in our country. We need to reign in the fossil fuel industry and the utility conglomerates.

Ms. Judith Mitchell, ME 0Jul 31, 16:03 # 341
This is THE most crucial, looming, unavoidable problem of our existence on this Planet, our home. There is simply no more time left for foot-dragging or dithering or catastrophic politicking -- we are hurtling toward a real doomsday. There is a huge need to educate the public, to make alternative energy available and affordable -- in my dreams, this corrupt, swollen, greed-based capitalist/oligarchic system will be supplanted by some more equitable and humane system, and solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energy will be basically everyone's birthright.

Mrs. Barbara Schumacher, NJ Jul 22, 19:52 # 329
Give it a chance, Mr. President.

Mr. Hank Stone, NY Jul 22, 05:15 # 326
My grandchildren and yours need renewable energy!

Mrs. Julie Giessler, NY Jul 22, 01:41# 324
Renewable Energy is less costly than our use of fossil fuels. Profit-driven greed is influencing our legislators. Do the research and get the truth about renewable energy.

Dr. v. E. Perkins, CO Jul 19, 18:02 # 315
This is our obligation to God and to our descendants and to our fellow creatures who should not be suffering at our hands.

Mr. Larry Gibson, CA Jul 19, 08:17 # 311
Stop the insane & corrupt oil industries (Koch brothers their minions. The Gift that is the Earth cannot sustain & in the short term heal this massive assault to all species on land & sea. These masters of insanity care only for themselves. We should be able to arrest them & their wealth they are using as an atomic bomb against Life on Our Earth.

Mr. Ron McCullough, TN Jul 18, 19:51 # 304
We as a nation have to free ourselves from the tyranny and boundless greed of the fossil fuel oligarchs that keep us in the Dark Ages of renewable energy. How is it good governance to destroy the Earth for short term gains for the 1%? It's not. It's the result of corruption and cowardice of elected officials and it must stop!

Mr. Troy Kilbourne, MN Jul 18, 18:48 # 303
A "Manhattan Project" for renewable energy is, I believe, the only thing that can reverse our course towards catastrophic climate change. We did it back then, and we can do it now.

Mr. Stephen Spaulding, NH Jul 17, 06:00 # 302
The fossil fuel industry knows its stranglehold on us inevitably has to end. It's feverishly trying every way it can to lock us into dependence for another half-century. We cannot allow this to happen.

Ms. Jean Elliott, IL Jul 16, 09:44 # 300
This is an emergency. Climate and pollution disasters loom unless we get off fossil fuels.

Please sign this petition. The Biosphere you save will be your own.
Here is the link to the petition: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/Ai3Tb

It’s Official: USA is #1 at Climate Change Denial


An intelligent comment by Gene J. on the above article:

Nothing about this issue and our denial of the evidence accruing every day before our eyes surprises me.

The money the 1% throw at this issue virtually guarantees many fools will have questions. The evidence, scientific evidence, is out there, available and unassailable - yet the republican party and its masters continue to value money over life.

Make no mistake that is what this is about. We change or we die. A mass extinction event making this planet uninhabitable for oxygen based life forms is coming, it may be a century or so before the full effects are seen, but the precursors are already here. But those who value money over human life think that because they will not be inconvenienced, it matters not.

These are the most selfish people in human history, they don't care at all about what their own heirs will face, they know they won't face it themselves and they don't care about anyone else, not even their own grandchildren.

They make me sick. Literally, because the foul effects of climate change are already affecting daily life with the ever increasing super storms, the incredible disruption in our oceans, the deteriorating quality of our air and the countless new and old diseases are children are already suffering from.

None of that matters as much as piling up money to them. Nothing will change until the people rise up.

But even that, I fear, is too little, too late at this point. We've done the damage, now we'll have to deal with the carnage to come.

I do not believe in hell, but there are times I wish I did. Because people like this deserve a special seat next to the fire for the hell they are creating for the generations to come who will live through the results of our stupidity now, until life ceases on this planet while it takes 50,000 or so years to cleanse itself of our presence. I just hope the next sentient species to arise can read, and believe, what the fossil record will tell them about how stupid we really were so that they do not repeat our mistakes.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/its-official-usa-is-1-at-climate-change-denial.html#ixzz38Vjj5xsi

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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