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Author Topic: Fossil Fuel Propaganda Modus Operandi  (Read 9530 times)

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Re: Fossil Fuel Propaganda Modus Operandi
« Reply #210 on: May 21, 2018, 09:19:48 pm »
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May 21, 2018

Trump 🦀 Trashes Climate Targets for Federal Agencies
The Trump administration has rescinded an Obama-era policy requiring federal agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An executive order signed late last week that instructs agencies to prioritize energy efficiency and reduce waste and costs also rescinds a 2015 executive order, which set a goal of reducing the federal government's greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent over a decade. The 2015 order also tasked agencies with using clean energy as 25 percent of their energy needs and reduce building energy use by 2.5 percent per year. The new Trump executive order makes no mention of climate change, does not require agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and does not set specific energy efficiency goals.

EPA Undoes Safety Regulations For Chemical Plants 😡

EPA chief Scott Pruitt 👹 moved last week to rescind Obama-era chemical safety regulations intended to reduce the risk of disasters at chemical plants, saying the rules pose "unnecessary regulatory burdens" on industry. The Obama administration put together the Chemical Disaster Rule in response to a 2013 explosion at a chemical plant that killed 15, injured 260 and damaged 150 buildings in the small town of West, Texas. Groups like the American Chemistry Council and American Petroleum Institute aggressively lobbied the Trump administration to roll back the rule, prompting Pruitt to issue a stay on the rule's implementation last year. "With all due respect to Scott Pruitt, he’s never lost 15 firefighter friends," West's mayor Tommy Muska told the Austin American-Statesman. "I’m as pro-business as anyone, but some things are way, way, way more important than too much regulation, and that includes the safety of these chemical plants."

Investors Put on Pressure Ahead of Shareholder Votes

Dozens of global investors called on the oil and gas industry Friday to take more action to tackle climate change. In an open letter published in the Financial Times, 60 investors, who collectively oversee almost $10.5 trillion of the world's assets, called on the oil and gas industry to "be more transparent and take responsibility for all its emissions." The letter comes ahead of several annual shareholder meetings, including a Tuesday meeting where Royal Dutch Shell shareholders will vote on a resolution requiring the company to set specific emissions reductions targets.

CEI’s 🐉 Next Big Target is Apparently Big Dishwasher   

The industry-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute 😈 is out with a new campaign, urging its followers to submit public comments on an issue of vital importance to the national discourse.

CEI has set up a microsite making it easy to submit a form letter to the federal register, letting Rick Perry and the Department of Energy know about a grave injustice.

A blog post by CEI’s Devin Watkins directing readers to the site makes it clear that CEI is concerned with the issues that most impact real Americans: slow, energy-efficient dishwashers. Yes, dishwasherchoice.com is a real thing that actually exists.

For the cost of handing over your name, email, phone number and address for CEI to spam you with, you too can send a generic email as a public comment complaining that your energy-efficient dishwasher doesn’t use enough water or power.

Now, if Perry is anything like Zinke when it comes to public comments, he’ll probably ignore these responses anyway. But on the off chance he’s reading, CEI would like him to know that they have very serious concerns about dishwashers being too efficient, and would please like people to have higher energy bills and consume more water. 

Jokes aside, this is a prime example of how “choice” is used by conservatives 😈 as a rhetorical tool to cast inferior products as somehow preferable. In this case, CEI thinks consumers should be able to choose to buy less efficient dishwashers. In other cases, conservatives use “choice” as a way to insist the public should be subject to predatory loans, as in last year’s “Financial Choice Act.” 🦀 During the healthcare debate last year, conservatives floated a “Consumer Choice Act” to allow consumers to buy healthcare plans that didn’t meet ACA standards--plans they barely offered any coverage at all.

This rhetorical ruse--using choice as a code for letting companies rip people off--can be traced back to the “public choice theory” popularized by James Buchanan , a history richly retold in Nancy Maclean’s Democracy in Chains. It’s a story of how fringe economists supplied a convenient narrative for corporations (and racists) who wanted to roll back regulations on their products (and to fight federal desegregation efforts in schools.) The monied interests installed Buchanan and his contemporaries at universities using big donations to set up economic centers.

Which, if you’ve been paying attention to the Koch’s George Mason influence 🦖, should sound pretty familiar.

This network of like-minded funders 🦖 then manufactured an entire ecosystem of pseudo-academics, producing white papers and holding conferences and the like, with the intent to establish as a real theory and not just far-right daydreams the idea that the government is actually bad for people, because the public should be free to choose to get ripped off by corporations.

To be fair to CEI, it would be nice if dishwashers could get the job done faster, and more efficiently. But instead of calling on manufacturers to improve their products through Good Old American Innovation, CEI would rather just have the government loosen the rules.

Because the right’s obsession with personal responsibility only applies to people, not corporations. And it’s not like corporations are people too, right?    
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