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Author Topic: Fossil Fuel Propaganda Modus Operandi  (Read 15921 times)

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Re: Fossil Fuel Propaganda Modus Operandi
« Reply #45 on: January 08, 2015, 06:37:32 pm »

Carbon Counterattack

How Big Oil Is Responding to the Anti-Carbon Moment

Unless directly challenged, this pro-carbon offensive -- backed by copious Big Energy advertising -- is likely to attract at least as much favor as the claims of anti-carbon activists. At this point, of course, the moral arguments against carbon consumption are -- or at least should be -- well known.

The oil, gas, and coal companies, it is claimed, are selfishly pursuing mega-profits at the expense of the climate, the environment, our children and grandchildren, and even possibly a future of any reasonable sort for humanity as a whole. “Basically [the big energy companies have] said, we’re going to wreck the planet, we don’t care what you say, we think we can, and we dare you to stop us,” observed climate activist and 350.org cofounder Bill McKibben in a recent interview. This outlook was reflected in many of the signs carried by the estimated 400,000 demonstrators who participated in the People’s Climate March in New York City last September.

The fossil fuel industry is often also portrayed as the nucleus of a global system of wealth and power that drags down democracy and perpetuates grotesque planetary inequalities. “Fossil fuels really do create a hyper-stratified economy,” explained Naomi Klein, author of the best-selling book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate. “It’s the nature of the resources that they are concentrated, and you need a huge amount of infrastructure to get them out and to transport them. And that lends itself to huge profits and they're big enough that you can buy off politicians.”

Views like these animate the struggles against “fracking” in the United States, against the transport of tar-sands oil via the Keystone XL pipeline, and against the shipment of coal to ports in the Pacific Northwest. They also undergird the drive to rid college and university endowments and other institutions of their fossil fuel stocks, which gained momentum in recent months, thanks to the decisions of both the Stanford University board of trustees to divest from coal company stocks and of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to eventually rid itself of its fossil fuel stocks and invest in alternative energy.

Once upon a time, the giant carbon companies like Exxon sought to deflect these attacks by denying the very existence of climate change or the role of humans in causing it -- or at least by raising the banner of “uncertainty” about the science behind it. They also financed the efforts of rogue scientists to throw doubt on global warming. While denialism still figures in the propaganda of some carbon companies, they have now largely chosen to embrace another strategy: extolling the benefits of fossil fuels and highlighting their contributions to human wellbeing and progress.    

Agelbert NOTE: The skullduggery of the fossil fuel industry is absent from this article. From ethanol being made illegal with Prohibition to chemurgy refineries burning down "mysteriously" in the 1930's to anti-Hemp legislation to never paying a nickel to all the children (and many species of animals) in the entire civilized WORLD damaged by gasolene with lead additives (STILL LEGAL in the USA for aviation gasoline interanl combusiton engines!), their mens rea modus operandi criminal actions for the purpose of keeping competing renewable energy technology from getting a foothold for over a century are well documented.

They are criminals and they mostly OWN our government. We have a FASCIST FOSSIL FUEL GOVERNMENT in the USA. It's up to we-the-people to continue our DEMAND REJECTION of these dirty fuels.

Our government WILL NOT HELP, despite the lip service about promoting renewable energy. 

The author of the article doesn't want to "go there". However, I think he gets it. Just read between the lines.  ;D Big Oil can't sue him for pointing people at "dots" that readers, if they still possess critical thinking skills,  can then connect for themselves.   8)

If a climate movement is going to challenge the energy powers of this planet effectively, it’s crucial to grasp the vision into which Big Energy is undoubtedly planning to sink incredible resources and which, across much of the planet, will become a living, breathing argument for ignoring the catastrophic warming of the planet. They present it, of course, as a glowing dreamscape of a glorious future -- though a nightmare is what should come to mind.

Here, then, in a nutshell is the argument that Big Energy is going to seed into the planet for the foreseeable future. Prepare yourself.

VERY brief Summary provided by Agelbert to prevent readers that can add and subtract from projectile vomiting:
No Growth Without Us   
Propelling the New Global Middle Class  
Carbon Humanitarianism
We Can Do It Better  

Agelbert NOTE: For those with strong stomachs (or loyal fossil fueler members of the Wall Street Social Darwinist, Predators 'R' Us RELIGION), read unadulterated Hysterics about collapse without fossil fuels mixed with Fossil Fuels "savior of mankind" tear jerking baloney, how "experienced" big oil is in providing "cheap" energy (LOL!) and last, but not least, the old boilerplate about how much "cheaper" fossil fuels are than those "unreliable", "intermittent"  (solar and wind  - they are silent as DEATH about ocean currents, tide and geothermal - LOL!). "costly" (and so on).  ::)

Bring your barf bag for this thorough summary of all of the fossil fueler talking points, all of which have been proven to be FALSE by Amory Lovins, and several others like Herman Scheer, OVER and OVER again.

Or, skip the link below and read how the author takes apart the  Big Oil Happy Talk:

The Rockefeller T-Rex Doo Doo-ing what it DOES


Facing the Challenge

Put together, this represents a dazzling vision of a future in which growing numbers of people enjoy the benefits of abundant energy and unlimited growth. You can already imagine the heartwarming TV commercials that will be generated on a massive scale to propagate such a message: pictures of hard-working individuals of all genders and hues enjoying the American Dream globally thanks to Exxon and its cohorts.      

Needless to say, in such imagery there will be nothing to mar the promise of unbridled prosperity for all -- no horrific droughts, colossal superstorms, or mass migrations of desperate people seeking to flee devastated areas.

But this vision, like so much contemporary advertising, is based on a lie: in this case, on the increasingly bizarre idea that, in the twenty-first century, humanity can burn its way through significant parts of the planet’s reserves of fossil fuels to achieve a world in which everything is essentially the same -- there’s just more of it for everyone.  

In the world portrayed by Exxon, it’s possible for a reassuring version of business-as-usual to proceed without environmental consequences. In that world, the unimpeded and accelerated release of carbon into the atmosphere has no significant impact on people’s lives. This is, of course, a modern fairy tale that, if believed, will have the most disastrous of results.  :(

Agelbert NOTE: Did you notice the HOPIUM? Did you read the pie in the sky hallucinations that these fosssil fuelers keep pushing on us?

Can you see why I get so incensed at the Nicole Fosses, Roamers and Mkings of this world when THEY have the BRASS to claim I am the one embracing HOPIUM and pie in the sky hallucinations?

These people are as blind, deaf and dumb to reality as they come! They are a danger to themselves and society. They belong in jail or a mental institution. 

The author of the article finishes off by underlining, with cold hard logic, how SUICIDALLY STUBBORN the fossil fuel industry and it's greed worshipping friends and camp followers are. These logic challenged money grubbers are enemies of future generations of ALL earthlings, not just Homo SAPS. 

It is well written. Expect huffing and puffing from the resident fossil fuelers.

Someday, it will also be seen as one of the more striking lies on whatever’s left of the historical record. In fact, follow this vision to 2040, burning through whatever fossil fuels the energy companies and energy states can pull out of the earth and the ballooning carbon emissions produced will ensure planetary warming far beyond the two degrees Celsius deemed by scientists to be the maximum that the planet can safely absorb without catastrophic climate effects.

In fact, those dreamy landscapes in the new pro-carbon version of the planetary future will, in reality, be replaced by burning forests, flooded coastlines, and ever-expanding deserts. Forget the global rise of the middle class, forget all those cars and trucks and planes and resorts, forget the good life entirely. As climate conditions deteriorate, croplands will wither, coastal cities and farmlands will be eradicated, infrastructure will be devastated, the existing middle class will shrink, and the poor will face ever-increasing deprivation.

Preventing these catastrophes will involve sustained and dedicated effort by all those who truly care about the future of humanity. This will certainly require better educating people about the risks of climate change and the role played by fossil fuel combustion in producing it. But it will also require deconstructing and exposing the futuristic fantasies deployed by the fossil fuel companies to perpetuate their dominance. However fraudulent their arguments may be, they have the potential to blunt significant progress on climate change and so must be vigorously repudiated. Unless we do so, the apostles of carbon will continue to dominate the debate and bring us ever closer to a planetary inferno. This is the only way to thwart and discredit those who seek to perpetuate the Reign of Carbon.

Michael T. Klare, a TomDispatch regular, is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College and the author, most recently, of The Race for What’s Left. A documentary film version of his book Blood and Oil is available from the Media Education Foundation. Links to his work can be found at michaelklare.com.

Follow TomDispatch on Twitter and join us on Facebook. Check out the newest Dispatch Book, Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things to Me, and Tom Engelhardt's latest book, Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World.

Please pass it on.  Future generations are counting on all you ranting bunnies

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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