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Author Topic: Fossil Fuel Propaganda Modus Operandi  (Read 15922 times)

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PJ van Staden
December 4, 2014
This cry doesn't go unheard. That you can believe. As much as the sheep will be awakened, so much members amongst the wolves themselves will be enlightened. And so more will leak out. And there is nothing which is hidden, that will not be revealed.

Their eyes follow these words as much as anyone else's does. That I know for sure, for I also know that they are just as much in search of the wisdom to better understand the truth behind this life as everyone else do, because sensing a glimpse of the existence of this truth is a given within all, and curiosity within humans has always survived formal teaching, tradition, believes, and cultures. And this wisdom is far out of reach from that which money buys you.

But in order to make sense of this truth not understood, fiction is created within the grasp of his intellectual capacity and lived as if it is a truth. By nature the story would then, as expected, revolve around the protagonists, and in ignorance it is then so schemed and set up. But this fallacious assurance of a so called perceived reality is not going to last. Leakage of information is the evidence of enlightenment within the circle amongst those who become more aware of the real truth. So, here is to the ones who will not understand;

The call of truth shall not be ignored, not even by you masters of lies yourselves, for it contains an inherent pattern embedded within the anatomy of all living from which life cannot separate itself. And if you know how to seek for it, you will find it, see it, and then begin to understand who you really are, and how indifferent you really are.

Why would you build anything not to fulfill or accomplish the purpose you build it for? Why would you build a car to take in fuel, and for the fuel to flow through the engine, work the engine, turn the wheels, but then expect the car to be stationery while the wheels are turning, and never to take you anywhere? Because that is exactly what you are doing if you think (or believe) that everything stop when you die. Nothing stops when you die, and here is for your consideration, a pattern that doesn't lie, a truth that speaks for itself, and always tell the same thing over and over again. Its this very truth you sense a glimpse of on the inside, but choose to act against all of the time;

All living organisms, plant, animal, human, virus and bacteria, take in energy and transform it into another form of energy that flows out from it. You eat and drink energy, then transform it into the things (works) you do. So does all other life. And so does everything you build. You create by that very nature, that very pattern. It is engraved into you, and into everything else as well. And it stays a standard, a constant, always. Its is what you are part of. Energy taken in is always flowing out in another form. It is a law you cannot change.

Now, do you think the earth is any different? Do you think the earth would still have lived if all who came in from the beginning, plant, man, and animal, never died? All life come into this earth as energy, does it's work, and flow out in a different form again. Its the same thing. The same pattern. The same truth. The same message. Everywhere around you. It is how everything works. You are at the moment like the fuel in the car. Once you have burned out (done your work) carbon will be left behind (your body), but your energy will flow out in a different form (motion of car). And you know that. You know very well that you will not live here in this body of yours forever. How many years have you got left over at most?

Your purpose is to allow life, not to kill. Energy is brought in to make work, not to end. But it is this knowledge you lack while the truth speaks all around your blindness, or at least up until your reading here now. How far does money's rescue reach? For it forms no part of your energy flowing out of here. But money surely achieved something. It succeeded in making you take this life very shallow and meaningless. But its not so. Not at all.

Like I said, everyone read these words.


Gerry Wootton
December 6, 2014
If you're an energy supplier, efficiency, conservation, self-production and alternative energy are all threats to the bottom line. First, profit is based on sales volume - reduced demand == reduced profit. Second, reduced demand == lower selling price == reduced profit.

Only alternative energy provides an option for energy suppliers but if that alternative is lower cost, again there is less profit to be had. Also, currently fossil fuel based energy suppliers have so many special deals that they have hundreds of pages of tax codes, environmental, safety and commercial regulations all their own: enterprises that supply insulation or heat pumps should be envious. However you slice it, this is a lot to give up. While they promise low energy prices, they sorrow whenever consumer prices actually go down.

PJ van Staden

December 6, 2014
Gerry, you are right. But when the oil folks themselves decide to lower their price by not reducing their pumped quota, I guess they bet on increased volume sales, especially with the festive season coming up. It also offers them the opportunity to sell as much as possible of their black death, as quickly as possible, before getting put out of business all together by alternatives. We should all actually stay home this festive season, unless you got an electric vehicle.

PJ van Staden

December 6, 2014

You're a worse lier than a politician. Take your scam to the oil industry's websites. Maybe they will believe you! The people here are too smart for your criminal type.

Agelbert NOTE: Maria Kitty's MKing style perfidy was removed by Renewable Energy World Staff.

pascal molineaux
December 6, 2014
AND they will insist that they are for "free markets" (politically rigged to favor them).... AND they will say they want "energy independence" - which explains their fight against locally-produced, decentralized energy and their full-blown enthusiasm for the Keystone XL pipeline.... I don't get it. I guess they are just very comfortable with open-mouthed lying! Enough nonsense.

Frank Berry
December 7, 2014
Chancelor Merkel has set the new "inertial" standards for the world by taking Nuclear off line and now even one of Germanies largest coal producing companies is switching to 'renewables' as a way to amend their' losing share strength....

Of course,...the US will never lead in anything, as we're by far,...the largest polluters with China now. We need in invest in Gigawatt farms for solar...have the ability to make money with
"home grown utilities" and move forward to 50% sustainable by the end of 2030.

Our homes, are getting smaller,...our garage interfaces can have solar to fuel our cars; getting 100 miles gallon easily now....so...let's stop the sh*t and get moving NOW,...while some of the earth can still repair itself.

Gary Hild
December 7, 2014
Should anyone even think that the oil companies will give up the huge profits even when the world is at stake. They will lie even more because there are some people that believe a lie that is told loud enough and often enough must be true, but that does not make it more truthful, just a louder lie.

Gerry Wootton
December 9, 2014
An analogy from real life: A friend of mine tried to take some ice cream away from a tame bear. The bear turned out to be less friendly than he generally let on and things didn't go so well for my friend. After a great deal of persuasion and coercion, the bear finally let my friend have his hand back ... but he kept the ice cream! [/i]

PJ van Staden
December 9, 2014
Gerry, the bear also have weaknesses, of which the greatest his greed (and love) for the ice cream. Your friend's strategy just wasn't the right one. If he observe carefully, he will see how weak the ice cream makes the bear. 

PJ van Staden

December 10, 2014
The difference between us, people, and them, psychopaths, is that people have empathy with one another and with all other forms of life. Psychopaths don't possess this human characteristic. People have a conscience about their actions taken.

Psychopaths don't possess this human characteristic. They find within themselves no human worth, neither any value in compassion. They have no measuring stick by which they can define their inner strength. To them, it is non-existent. And therefore they cannot bear the truth of life. They simply do not have that courage. They are cowardness in its extreme form. The only means, and worth, by which they can define who they are, is the terms "balance sheet" and "bank account."

If that fall away, nothing of them is left behind. Then they carry no worth to society. They become obsolete to life itself. And they are aware of this. They know it. And for this very reason they are easily frightened, and does fear have no struggle to infest their being.

It is the only reason why they are prepared to pay big money to turn political favor towards them, because how else will they save themselves from that notion of emptiness inside them? To them the only defense for survival is to gain more and more without end.

It fills them with a sense of power which secures their existence. But, had they only have known. Had they only have realized. That their very existence balance on the longevity of human patience, which in turn determines the extend of tolerance granted to them.

Their empires shall not prevail. Money strength will not save them. They have made the mistake to take this false sense of power which they believe they possess, for granted. And they have grown so blind that they do not even see what is already happening all around them.

The moment of their revelation will hit like an unsuspected thief in the night. They will not be prepared. And glory will go to the ones who have set them, and have kept them, on their thrones all of the time. The ones with whom the real and greater power have been all along.

illiam Fitch III
December 10, 2014
Hi: Gary Hild, exactly right. Also it has been shown time and time again, that the loss of wealth, like in 1929 or 2008 will drive the previous owners of it to kill themselves. SO, wealth entities have set the bar on the value of such. How can we expect to take it away for less....


Dave Morgan
December 17, 2014
Not only psychopathic, but suicidal. If we don't embrace sustainability on a global scale we will perish as a species...and it'll happen so fast there won't be time to fill out an application to put homo sapiens on the Endangered Species List. The hard lesson is...human beings are not innately rational at all levels. Within their small "life bubble" they're rational as the dickens. But outside that bubble they inflict death and destruction which doesn't bother their conscience one bit. The psychopathy kicking in.

A. G. Gelbert 
 December 20, 2014

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to the plethora of intelligent, observant, perspicacious, honest, erudite and caring commenters that shine a bright light on the Fossil Fuel Fueled Fascist Perfidy.

These penetrating comments that, by clearly defining the crux of our problem, lead the way to a solution, should be required reading in every single high school and college in the world in general and the USA in particular, especially in the engineering curriculum vitae that has so contributed to the wasteful and inefficient use of energy in our civilization to the detriment of the biosphere.   

If our species listens to you, we will make it. If not, we won't.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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