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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 39842 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 3/1
« Reply #645 on: March 01, 2020, 08:19:59 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Trump, on 1st death from virus in US: 'No reason to panic"

apnews.com - WASHINGTON (AP) — Seeking to reassure the American public, President Donald Trump said there was “no reason to panic” as the new coronavirus claimed its first victim inside the U.S. The White House a…

Joe Biden wins South Carolina primary, reshaping the Democratic race

washingtonpost.com - By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. and close Cleve R. Wootson Jr. National political reporter covering the 2020 presidential campaign. Email EmailBio BioFollow Follow Michael Scherer close Michael Scherer Natio…

Coughing pope cancels participating in Lenten retreat

apnews.com - VATICAN CITY (AP) — A coughing Pope Francis told pilgrims gathered for the traditional Sunday blessing that he is canceling his participation at a week-long spiritual retreat in the Roman countryside…

Inside Trump’s frantic attempts to minimize the coronavirus crisis

washingtonpost.com - By Yasmeen Abutaleb, close Yasmeen Abutaleb National reporter focusing on health policy Email EmailBio BioFollow Follow Ashley Parker and close Ashley Parker White House reporter Email EmailBio BioFo…

Clowns in the Time of Coronavirus

rollingstone.com - The president opened his response to a looming pandemic with a lie about a vaccine. The United States is “rapidly developing” a remedy to COVID-19, or the coronavirus, President Trump said, seeming m…

Coronavirus: US, Australia and Thailand report first deaths

theguardian.com - The US, Australia and Thailand have reported their first deaths from coronavirus as two frontline doctors in China died and more countries put in place bans on large gatherings and travel restriction…

Politics Trumped the Coronavirus at CPAC

nymag.com - The specter of communism, and along with that, socialism, Bernie Sanders, Chinese expansionism, big tech corporations, the national popular vote compact and a host of other conservative hobgoblins ha…

Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration’s hiring freeze

washingtonpost.com - A scientist measures a deadly bird flu virus grown in a lab at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Atlanta headquarters. (James Gathany/CDC) By Lena H. Sun close Lena H. Sun National rep…

Cronyism and Conflicts of Interest in Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force

theintercept.com - Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, admitted Wednesday that a vaccine for the coronavirus might not be affordable for all Americans. “We can’t control that price,” Azar told Rep. J…

Donald Trump’s Anti-Globalist Response to a Global Coronavirus

newyorker.com - Donald Trump may be the most erratic and intemperate man ever to occupy the Presidency, but, when it comes to protecting the public health of Americans, his actions have been unfailingly consistent. …

Sunday Reading: The Coronavirus and Combatting Global Pandemics

newyorker.com - Two years ago, under a directive from the Trump Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pulled back from thirty-nine of the forty-nine countries where it had been working to pr…

Opinion | We Don’t Really Know How Many People Have Coronavirus

nytimes.com - There were, of course, some genuine barriers to understanding what exactly was happening in Wuhan: Pneumonias are not unusual in winter, and there was no way to know that there was a novel virus. (Dr…

Iran dismisses 'rumours' as virus deaths jump to 43

news.yahoo.com - Tehran (AFP) - Iran Saturday dismissed as "rumours" a report that coronavirus has killed more than 200 people in the country, one of the hardest hit by the disease, with senior officials among those …

Thousands gather at Turkish border to cross into Greece

theguardian.com - The UN has said 13,000 people have gathered to cross into Greece from Turkey following President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s vow to keep open his western borders for migrants and refugees seeking to trave…

The ‘Puppet Master’ of Putin’s Kremlin Is Out, but His Sinister Policies Are Still In

thedailybeast.com - MOSCOW—Historians of Vladimir Putin’s reign used to write volumes about the man who stood behind him, directing and manipulating, like the éminence grise of old. Kremlinologists described Vladislav S…

Trump’s Pick for Top Intelligence Job Bragged of Experience as Terror Prosecutor — But He Doesn’t Have Any

theintercept.com - Update: August 2, 2019 After this story was published, President Donald Trump announced that John Ratcliffe was withdrawing from consideration for director of national intelligence. “Our great Republ…

Anti-graft party wins Slovakia vote haunted by journalist murder

news.yahoo.com - Bratislava (AFP) - Slovak voters handed a resounding victory to the centre-right, anti-graft OLaNO opposition party in Saturday's general election, dominated by an angry backlash over the 2018 murder…

Who is 'patient zero' in the coronavirus outbreak?

bbc.com - Chinese authorities and experts are at odds about the origin of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. More specifically, who is "patient zero" for the outbreak. Also known as an index case, patient zero …

Coronavirus 'battle plan' role for retired doctors

bbc.com - Newly-retired doctors and nurses could be asked to return to the NHS as part of a UK "battle plan" to combat a possible further spread of coronavirus. If the outbreak worsens, people could also be ur…

The United States badly bungled coronavirus testing—but things may soon improve

sciencemag.org - A faulty reagent in a test kit distributed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has hampered efforts to find and confirm COVID-19 cases. By Jon CohenFeb. 28, 2020 , 5:45 PM Speed is…

William Gibson on the apocalypse: “it’s been happening for at least 100 years”

newstatesman.com - Science fiction writers are made to seem prescient by confirmation bias: with time, almost any imagined future can be said to have come true. Take the pulp space opera Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinra…

The case that America’s in decline

vox.com - Is Trump a symptom or a disease? And if he’s a symptom, what’s the underlying sickness? Decadence is one possible answer. This is very close to the argument New York Times columnist Ross Douthat make…

You Can’t Buy Memes

theatlantic.com - People who care about meme culture tend to think of making and sharing memes as amoral but somehow pure: A meme can be a package for vulgar or stupid ideas, but it almost always moves through a netwo…

Book Review: A Starry-Eyed Vision of the Future

undark.org - Having prognosticated and pontificated their way through the past decade, Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler have come to dominate the robust market in predicting the future. Diamandis, a scientist…

Opinion | Bernie Sanders Can Beat Trump. Here’s the Math.

nytimes.com - To fully harness the energy from the demographic revolution, Mr. Sanders will need to strengthen his support among African-American voters who were more resistant to his candidacy when he faced Mrs. …

Debate Moderators Frame Questions to Define Acceptable Politics

fair.org - With Super Tuesday around the corner, the Democratic presidential debates are coming to a close. The debates are ostensibly an exercise in democracy, a chance for voters to evaluate candidates’ posit…

Attacks on Indian reporters highlight growing intolerance

apnews.com - NEW DELHI (AP) — Reporting in India has never been without its risks, but journalists say attacks on the press during last week’s deadly communal riots between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi show th…

Everybody’s Chum

currentaffairs.org - In 1948, South Carolina segregationist Strom Thurmond ran for president on the breakaway Dixiecrat ticket. Thurmond was furious that President Truman had proposed anti-lynching legislation, the elimi…

Syrian journalist corrects the record on mainstream media’s absurd Idlib coverage

thegrayzone.com - Bashari criticizes international media’s coverage of the Syrian military’s efforts to retake Idlib province, the last territory in the country controlled by al-Qaeda affiliated extremist groups. He a…

Polanski’s ‘Oscar’ divides elite world of French cinema

theguardian.com - The elite world of French cinema, one of the pillars of the country’s exception culturelle, was bitterly divided after Roman Polanski was named best director at France’s equivalent of the Oscars. Sev…

Forever-Chemicals Tap Water 

counterpunch.org - Throughout the history of Western Civilization there are times, but only on rare occasions, when people en masse feel compelled to run into the streets, similar to the storming of the Bastille 1789, …

Stock markets are headed for a 40 percent plunge, says economist who predicted financial crisis

theweek.com - The end of a very rough week for U.S. markets brought a worrying prediction. While one expert warned fallout from the global coronavirus outbreak could be "worse than the financial crisis" of 2008, t…

Coronavirus time bomb: America’s uninsured and brutal work culture

rawstory.com - Like many Americans, bartender Danjale Williams is worried about the growing threat of the novel coronavirus. What makes the 22-year-old in Washington even more frightened: The thought of medical bil…


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