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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 10825 times)

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Anyone with critical thinking skills can see that the standing ovation Mr. Netanyahu got in our U.S. Congress some years ago evidences the pernicious effect the Israel "Lobby" has had for several decades (at least!) on the career of U.S. politicians that dare to criticize Israeli fascist murder and mayem, from the 1967 attack on the Liberty to the ruthless land theft mixed with targeted killings and bombings of the Palestinians. This is NOT about American Jews writing op-eds that damage politician futures; this is evidence of a BLACKMAIL MODUS OPERANDI to keep that U.S. money flowing to Israel.

Anyone that thinks Epstein is the only perverted tool the Mossad has in the USA is in La La Land. Anyone that thinks that the power of the Israel "Lobby" in the USA is based mainly on pro-Israel K Street think tank activities involving political campaign hit pieces against those they want out of politics is also in la la land. That's just the excuse they use to crow about their political power. Without the honey trap MO, they would NEVER have gotten away with coercing our politicians to keep voting to approve multi-billion dollar handouts to Israel annually, while studiously looking the other way when Israeli fascists commit still another in a LONG series of war crimes against the Palestinians.

No truer words written in this space.

And as you look to how Congressional republicans have adopted the Putin line, it seems evident that Russia is using Mossad time-tested techniques. As Exhibit A look no further tan the metamorphosis of Lyndsay Graham, who should wipe the trump off her face before her next public appearance.


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