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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 31620 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 12/5
« Reply #495 on: December 05, 2019, 08:32:50 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Feelings hurt by ‘two-faced’ Trudeau and laughing NATO leaders, trump leaves summit early in a huff

intrepidreport.com - Hours after video surfaced of world leaders appearing to mock him at a cocktail function the night before, President Donald Trump on Wednesday cut short his visit to the 2019 NATO Summit in London wi…

Trump's misconduct a textbook case of impeachable offenses, experts say in hearing

theguardian.com - Impeachment experts testified before the House judiciary committee on Wednesday that Donald Trump’s misconduct offered a textbook case of impeachable offenses as prescribed by the constitution and ap…

Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells inspector general he can’t back right-wing theory that Russia case was U.S. intelligence setup

washingtonpost.com - Attorney General William P. Barr speaks an event in Washington this week. (Drew Angerer/AFP/Getty Images) By Matt Zapotosky and close Matt Zapotosky National security reporter covering the Justice De…

France crippled by biggest national strike in years

bbc.com - A nationwide strike has severely disrupted schools and public transport across France. Workers are angry at being forced to retire later or face reduced pensions. School and transport workers have be…

A look inside Trump’s anti-impeachment spin factory

washingtonpost.com - Tony Sayegh and Pam Bondi are running President Trump’s anti-impeachment spin factory. (Emma Kumer/The Washington Post) By Sarah Ellison close Sarah Ellison Reporter covering media and its intersecti…

Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

thegrayzone.com - Neo-Nazis from Ukraine have flown to Hong Kong to participate in the anti-Chinese insurgency, which has been widely praised by Western corporate media and portrayed as a peaceful pro-democracy moveme…

Insurance Companies Are Spending Millions on Attack Ads Against Medicare for All

mintpressnews.com - Healthcare corporations are spending millions of dollars on astroturfed attack ads against Medicare for All. The Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future, for example, a coalition of hospitals and…

The mainstreaming of Occupy Wall Street: How rethinking American capitalism became the most important debate of the 2010s

businessinsider.com - The financial crisis and rising inequality have both prompted a branch of left-leaning economists, like Nobel laureate Joe Stiglitz, to push back against the form of free market economics that has re…

The Endgame | Gaslit Nation on Patreon

patreon.com - Never take democracy for granted! This week we discuss the last two weeks of impeachment hearings and the witnesses, among them several immigrant Americans who are experts on the former USSR and know…

Government Deadline of Greek Squat Evictions Draws Near

unicornriot.ninja - Athens, Greece – Greek’s right-wing government has set an ultimatum of December 5 for all squats in Greece to be vacated. The governing New Democracy party continues its targeting of housing squats a…

The Media Yells Cut Whenever Trump Challenges War and Militarism

mintpressnews.com - Donald J. Trump is not an anti-war president, as should hardly be necessary to note. In his first year in office, the State Department sold more than $75 billion worth of arms overseas, easily an all…

Trump's Drug Cartel Terrorism Designation Could Mask a Sinister Agenda

mintpressnews.com - President Donald Trump announced that he will designate Mexican drug cartels as “terrorists”, paving the way for a potentially massive increase in American military involvement directly south of its …

Of Two Minds - Costs Are Spiraling Out of Control

oftwominds.com - And how do we pay for these spiraling out of control costs? By borrowing more, of course. If we had to choose one "big picture" reason why the vast majority of households are losing ground, it would …

Unpacking the Black Box in Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

undark.org - In clinics around the world, a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning is starting to supplement or replace humans in common tasks such as analyzing medical images. Already, at Massachus…

Himalayan glaciers that supply water to a billion people are melting fast

energyskeptic.com - Preface. The Himalayan glaciers that supply water to a billion people are melting fast, already 30% has been lost since 1975. Adding to the crisis are the 400 dams under construction or planned for H…

Why Americans are staying put, instead of moving to a new city or state

theconversation.com - A total of 13.6% of Americans today were born in another country, and most of us are descended from immigrants. This story of migration also includes moving within the country. Over the last 200 year…

Poor toilet hygiene spreads more E.coli than raw meat

treehugger.com - In other words, always wash your hands when you're done in the bathroom. If you had to skip washing your hands after going to the bathroom or handling raw chicken, what would you choose? I fear that …

Currency manipulation and why Trump is picking on Brazil and Argentina

theconversation.com - President Donald Trump slapped new tariffs on Brazil and Argentina after accusing them of manipulating their currencies to boost exports. It wasn’t the first time Trump has labeled another country a …

The Legal Debate About Impeachment Is Over

theatlantic.com - Read more: The Democrats’ missed opportunity on impeachment But the Republicans’ legal expert brought a surprise, if one that received too little attention. Jonathan Turley submitted an extensive wri…


climatenewsnetwork.net - Empires were once built on it, but coal is now too hot for many former backers as more insurers withdraw. LONDON, 5 December, 2019 − It’s rapidly running out of friends in the financial world: coal i…

What's behind the wave of Middle East protests?

bbc.com - You might remember the uprisings in the Middle East in 2011. As dictators were toppled hundreds of thousands of protesters called for change, for freedom and a new start. Their high hopes came to ver…

What Survives a Drought? - Resilience

resilience.org - The entire east coast of the U.S. is suffering drought conditions this year, and my North Carolina garden had it bad. This growing season started with a spring flood that hit the hundred year line. I…

Pentagon denies US mulling 14,000 more troops for Middle East | Iran News

aljazeera.com - The Pentagon has denied a report that the United States was weighing sending up to 14,000 more troops to the Middle East in the face of a perceived threat from Iran. The Wall Street Journal on Wednes…

Woman set on fire on her way to **** case hearing

bbc.com - A 23-year-old alleged **** victim is fighting for her life after she was set on fire while going to court in northern India. The woman was on her way to a hearing in the case she filed against two me…

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The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.


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