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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner  (Read 40876 times)

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Agelbert OBSERVATION: Surly, in this interview with Sam, RE tells the story of the Doomstead Diner, completely leaving my contributions to that forum and blog for nearly five years, out. :( Considering that I am the one who first brought the Collapse Chronicles dude videos to the attention of the Doomstead Diner, and considering that many views were generated there by my posts, it's rather disappointing. I remember when RE was ready to close up shop in the summer of 2013 from lack of visitors and new members and I helped cheer him up and keep going. I guess he forgot.

BUT, there is more. It seems that RE is unaware that you post here, because when he mentioned the Admins posting there, he specificially said that, though K-Dog posts additionally in his own blog, "Surly ONLY posts at the Doomstead Diner". It seems that RE has written me out of his history.

Most of the rest of the interview is devoted to RE's views on economics, always leaving Renewable Energy and ethics TOTALLY out of the picture, while harping on the "importance" of hydrocarbons. That is, the "lack" of hydrocarbons is what RE continues to, erroneously, IMHO, believe will cause the "collapse" (that never seems to come). I'm surprised he didn't launch into the old "high energy density" happy talk so favored by all hydrocarbon based energy WORSHIPPERS.

Although I am quite familiar with RE's arguments, listening to this interview I confirmed much about RE's world view that I had previously only suspected. I know RE is your friend, Surly, so I will not share with you what I think of RE's, "without oil, civilization will collapse and most of us are all gonna die" pitch, never mind his selective memory.

Of course RE is spot on about Trump. 👍

The best way to court heartbreak is to expect gratitude from others. In his best days, RE has always been about himself, first, last, always, regardless of the pious pronouncements. And these are far from his best days. As his health deteriorates, his attitudes and awareness of others has as well. Don't sweat it. I run the DD Facebook page, which reaches more people in a week than the Diner forum , and he has no idea about that either.

Expect ingratitude, and you'll never be disappointed. Especially with him.

Agreed. What bothers me far more than my disappointment with RE's self centered selective memory is his irrational clinging to a theory about "collapse" based on a lack of availability of hydrocarbons. His fantasy about small tribes of humans survivng after "peak oil" causes a "collapse" has no scientific basis whatsoever.

The amount of hydrocarbons being produced for fuel worldwide is actually increasing, NOT "decreasing from peak oil".

On top of studiously ignoring that hydrocarbon hellspawn 'peddle to the metal' production reality, RE dismisses the 30 year lag time MASSIVE DEATH CAUSING INERTIA in Global Warming that puts us into the hothouse earth human species shitstorm as if that is a "survivable" situation. In the interview he admits the average global temperature may increase 10 degrees C but refuses to accept the FACT that anything above 2 degrees C is a funeral dirge for Homo sap. RE's pitch on the climate is that the Earth's biomass is "just too big" for GHG caused Catstrophic Climate Change to "threaten the human species with extinction".   

RE is worse than a climate change denier; he is a hydrocarbon fuels loving, Catastrophic Climate Change EXISTENTIAL THREAT DENIER.

IOW, RE is stuck in his, "peak oil will save us" pretzel logic ideology.

Catastrophic Climate Change Science FACTS pass over him like water off a duck. I pity anyone that is convinced by his dangerously flawed arguments. He is actually dooming people that are convinced by his pitch, not "saving" them.

But then, what can one expect from somebody who has publicly stated he is a great friend of 🦕 Gail Tverberg, the "energy expert" who is a card carrying member (see: "this finite world" hydrocarbon "scarcity" means the price has gotta go UP! 😈) of the 🦖 hydrocarbon hellspawn "industry"?

RE's claim in the interview that world shipping is showing signs of "collapse" evidences his delusional stance about the "coming collapse". Sam pointed out some facts about world shipping activity and RE responded with his famous "I'll cut up anybody's argument claiming world shipping is thriving like a thanksgiving turkey".

Apparantly RE, in his confirmation bias zeal to see only what he wants to see, never visits the World Marine Traffic website.

None so blind as those who refuse to see.
Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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