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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 10814 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 8/2
« Reply #195 on: August 02, 2019, 08:20:54 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

U.S. preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan in initial deal with Taliban

www.washingtonpost.com - By Dan Lamothe , Dan Lamothe Reporter covering the Pentagon and the U.S. military Email Bio Follow John Hudson and John Hudson National security reporter focusing on the State Department and diplomac…

INF treaty: US withdraws from arms control agreement with Russia | Russia News

www.aljazeera.com - Washington DC - The United States on Friday will formally withdraw from a landmark arms control treaty with Russia, claiming it undermines its national security interests. The move means that only on…

After Trump cites Amazon concerns, Pentagon reexamines $10 billion JEDI cloud contract process

www.washingtonpost.com - Defense Secretary Mark Esper gestures as he listens to President Trump speak during a ceremony for Esper at the Pentagon on Sunday. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) By Aaron Gregg and Aaron Gregg Reporter co…

Man charged with assault after punching anti-Trump protester outside Cincinnati rally

www.washingtonpost.com - By Tim Elfrink Tim Elfrink Editor of the Morning Mix Email Bio Follow August 2 at 5:18 AM Protesters were waving signs outside President Trump’s rally in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday when a red pi…

Hacked Emails Show GOP Demands on Border Security Were Crafted by Industry Lobbyists

theintercept.com - Rep. Chuck Fleischmann often strikes a Trumpian tone on border security, stoking fears during television appearances and on social media about a caravan of Central American migrants, and repeating th…

Trade War, Redux

splinternews.com - Here we go again. Trump announced today that starting next month, the United States will impose a 10 percent tariff on another $300 billion worth of goods coming in from China. Trump made the announc…

Nuclear Fallout and the Downwinders' Dilemma

undark.org - The Baker explosion, in the Marshall Islands, was one of hundreds of nuclear weapons tests performed by the U.S. government during World War II and the Cold War. The atomic bomb was born in the deser…

CNN’s Attempted Hit Job on Sanders and Warren

www.counterpunch.org - Photograph Source: Senate Democrats – DSC_8923 – CC BY 2.0 I was unable to watch all the CNN Democratic presidential candidates’ debate last Tuesday night, but every time I looked in it was stuck on …

How One Researcher Helped Facebook Bust a Saudi Disinfo Campaign

www.thedailybeast.com - Facebook announced Thursday that it had dismantled more than 350 Facebook accounts and pages connected to the Saudi Arabian government for engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” the social n…

An inmate died after being locked in a scalding shower for two hours. His guards won’t be charged.

www.washingtonpost.com - By Derek Hawkins Derek Hawkins National reporter focused on cybersecurity Email Bio Follow March 20, 2017 Darren Rainey, an inmate at the Dade Correctional Institution in South Florida, was serving a…

Lindsey Graham introduces bill to extend detention of migrant children from 20 to 100 days

www.cbsnews.com - Sen. Lindsey Graham is introducing a new bill that he says will help stop the flow of immigrants from Central America and "regain control of our border." Graham claimed that current caps in law have …

Here come the New York State criminal charges against the Trump Organization

www.palmerreport.com - Donald Trump’s compromised Department of Justice recently announced that it would not be bringing any further federal criminal charges in Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels payoff scandal. This was bad ne…

As Deficit Explodes, GOP Demands Emergency Tax Cut for the Rich

www.vanityfair.com - A sitting U.S. president who can’t stop attacking black and brown people. A never-ending trade war that has necessitated more than one multibillion-dollar farm bailout. A humanitarian crisis on the b…

To succeed in investment banking, just switch off all feelings and emotions

qz.com - “What do you do?” is often one of the first questions you ask when meeting someone new. That’s because, for most people, identity is inextricably tied to work. Professionals, in particular, draw heav…

Pacific Island Nations Declare Climate Crisis, Fear Being Uninhabitable by 2030

www.ecowatch.com - A group of Pacific island nations on Tuesday declared a climate crisis and said that developed nations, in particular Australia, have so far failed to take requisite action to avert the "grave conseq…

Why the 'brain-eating' amoeba found in freshwater lakes – while rare – is so deadly

theconversation.com - Composed of a single cell, amoeba seem harmless enough: They look like playful critters waltzing under the spotlight of a microscope until they come upon a group of bacteria. Then, these previously i…

Woman Denied Owning Meth In Body Cavity

www.thesmokinggun.com - AUGUST 1--A Louisiana woman arrested yesterday denied ownership of methamphetamine that was discovered inside a plastic baggie lodged in her ****, according to a probable cause affidavit. Ashley Be…

Can the rise in eco-anxiety help save us from climate disaster?

www.newstatesman.com - If you’re not at least a bit terrified by the climate and ecological breakdown unfolding before our eyes, you haven’t grasped the scale of the crisis. Eco-anxiety, defined as “a chronic fear of envir…

Indian boy, seven, found with 526 teeth inside his mouth

www.theguardian.com - A seven-year-old boy who had suffered occasional toothache was found to have 526 teeth inside his jaw, according to surgeons in India. The hundreds of teeth were found inside a sack that was nestled …

The Twilight of the Monofuture - Resilience

www.resilience.org - I’m pleased to say that my post here two weeks ago, on the way that belief in progress depends on a certain kind of historical amnesia, got a lively and mostly thoughtful response. Oh, I fielded and …

The Hidden Costs of Automated Thinking

www.newyorker.com - In the past, intellectual debt has been confined to a few areas amenable to trial-and-error discovery, such as medicine. But that may be changing, as new techniques in artificial intelligence—specifi…

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The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.


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