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Author Topic: You will have to pick a side. There is no longer Room for Procrastination  (Read 6236 times)

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if you cannot take the possibility of human extinction seriously, the debate is over before it started.
Depends on what you mean by "seriously". I told you that I thought it was possible, but the probability is very low. I said .001% chance, just as a guess. Does that mean I don't take it seriously?

Consider this a game of chess. We've got lots of time. Before we discuss solutions. let's see if we can DEFINE what's going on out there and why.
That's why I'm researching at poodwaddle. Government stats on this, that and the other might be a bit gamed, but that's all we have to go on. AGAIN, if you don't find them credible, we cannot debate.
I have no idea what "poodwaddle" is, and you have not said what it is. Government stats are usually reliable, but with exceptions (e.g. inflation!).

You think you can assume your position is impregnable. What is your evidence?
Why do you think that I assume my position is impregnable? What IS my position? Do you know? Please state it, in your words.

Tell me about all the bioremediation you have witnessed in China.
I have not witnessed any of it. I have read about it.

Years ago you posted about all the greening they were involved with. Did you ADD their efforts to your positive view of our future? Probably. That's good. Did you SUBTRACT the degradation of China's biomes from your equation? I hope so. Show me proof that China is more biologically diverse now than it was a mere 30 years ago.
1. It probably is NOT more diverse than 30 years ago. But I don't know that for sure. I'm not sure anyone does, or even that anyone COULD know.

2. Whether or not it is more diverse, even if known, would not give us any final conclusion as to the efficacy of their environmental efforts. The environment is a big thing and a big subject, not reduceable to biodiversity -- important though that may be.

I don't think it is. I think I can prove it isn't. I'm sticking with China now because you know a lot about China. I do too. And I know quite a bit about the other giant polluter called the USA (with Europe not far behind). I'll get to them later.
You first. Spell out the biosphere math of China for me please. Your optimism must have some basis. If it does, I'll alter my position. If it doesn't I expect you to alter yours.
HOW would I, or anyone, "spell out the biosphere math of China"? What does that even mean?


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