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Author Topic: You will have to pick a side. There is no longer Room for Procrastination  (Read 6169 times)

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For several years I have become angrier and angrier as I watched TPTB responding to warnings from scientists (like the quote below) by doubling down on their ruthless planetary predation.

"The core responsibility assigned to governments in democracies is the public welfare, protecting the human birthright to basic needs: clean air, water, land, and a place to live, under equitable rules of access to all common property resources.

It is astonishing to discover that major political efforts in democracies can be turned to undermining the core purpose of government, destroying the factual basis for fair and effective protection of essential common property resources of all to feed the financial interests of a few.

These efforts, limiting scientific research on environment, denying the validity of settled facts and natural laws, are a shameful dance, far below acceptable or reputable political behavior.

It can be treated not as a reasoned alternative, but scorned for what it is – simple thievery." —George M. Woodwell, Woods Hole Research Center founder

I know who the criminals are that are totally responsible for the "simple thievery" that George M. Woodwell so eloquently described. I have known who they are for at least 20 years. What has changed now is that the most people now know that too. I hope my small voice helped somewhat in getting the masses to finally understand why, in regard to the environment, things just keep getting worse, not better.

Critical mass awareness has been reached. Good .

However, there is no short term environmental solution. That too is understood now by most people.

True, most people still (erroneously) think there IS a solution, though longer term, with a lot of dead people and plants and animal SPECIES along the way, that TPTB will eventually embark on when they can no longer kick the can down the road.

TPTB are the source of the problem, so it is irrational to believe that they, and all the scientists they can pay to give us a techno-fix solution, will solve this problem.

The problem was never about pollution.

The problem was never about rampant greed based pecuniary profits that depend on trashing the biosphere.

The problem is a rejection of ethical standards of conduct. Slaves to greed and ambition embrace an Orwellian definition of ethics in order to justify irrational planetary predation. Without that "justification", peer presure alone can keep them somewhat in line. Today, ethical behavior is considered "weakness". The inevitable result of this inversion of ethical = common sense behavior is rampant environmental destruction.

So, the solution can only come from a society that reaches a critical mass REJECTION of the UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR at ALL levels of human society.

The principled, honest person who wrote that excellent, poignant article you just posted is aware of this painful, uncomfortable reality. Initially mourning a senseless personal loss, followed by mourning observed environmental degradation, she has now realized that the environmental losses are not senseless, but the result of malice aforethought (It's the lack of ethics, STUPID!).

Critical mass is here. That does does not mean this yet:

The conundrum here is that some angry people think killing off the 1% will solve the problem. It won't, but the 1% now have a very, very clear BULLSEYE drawn around them by most people.

I would form a committee of citizens (membership would be maximum net worth limited, of course) that would put the criminal elite, and 100% of the nomenclatura lackeys that embrace Orwellian "Ethics", and their familes, to work, for the rest of their lives, in humane conditions in massive duckweed ponds in the desert areas of the planet.

The entire juridical system hierarchy would be replaced by computer judges. Every human judge would be sentenced to a duckweed farm or some other type of community service, depending on his or her track record as a judge. The software for the computer judges would be written by programmers hired by Bill McKibben, Paul Beckwith anf Guy McPherson. 

Prison sentences for all nonviolent offenders would be cancelled and $100,000, tax free, would be paid to said individuals for education and reintegration into ethical society. EVERY case involving violent offenders would be scrutinized carefully. If prejudice was involved, that prisoner will also get freed and paid $100,000, tax free.

Police forces would be disarmed COMPLETELY. It would be illegal to have more than two bullets of ammunition in any home in any city on Earth. People either turn in excess bullets or expect to be sentenced to work at a duckweed CO2 reduction (Lemna minor photosynthetic CO2 capture and sequestration) farm for a period corresponding to the level of their ammunition hoarding. Body covering bullet proof armor would be worn by the police while on duty.

All polluting industries would be outlawed, period.

No manufactured product that cannot be 100% recycled would be outlawed, period.

Military budgets would be reduced to a size small enough that they could be "drowned in a bathtub".

That's just a small part of how an ethics based society MUST function. Cheap rationalizations solve NOTHING. For thousands of years, while there was still a lot of biosphere to trash, human society could get away with ignoring the ROOT of the UNETHICAL ROT abounding in human society's elte. That is no longer possible. The toxic sewer we allowed the most evil people among us to create has backed up into our faces. So there is no other option but to face the fact that an ethics based society is sine qua non, not just for the viability of the biosphere, but to prevent its destruction.

Yeah, that sounds real utopian, doesn't it?

BUT, an ethics based society is the ONLY type of society with the mental and spiritual tools to come up with a viable solution to Catastrophic Climate Change.

If the "rational" people out there decide it is "okay" to just kill off the Planet Eaters, we are toast as a species. We either go full ethical or we go extinct. There is no middle ground, no matter how much the "Orkin Man solution" types claim otherwise. The brutal (see below) "solution" to brutallity has NEVER worked.

It's time for our species to embrace ethics instead of cheap rationalizations about the causes and consequences of biosphere degradation.

Unfortunately for all of us, our species may go this route:

I sincerely hope not. September is coming. I suspect the events accross the globe this September will provide important clues to which way human society is going to go in dealing with TPTB criminals.

Fasten your seat belt.
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