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Author Topic: Pollution  (Read 14289 times)

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Re: Pollution
« Reply #555 on: August 05, 2017, 05:37:55 pm »
It's not the driverless truck that is the problem it's the entire system built up around trucks that would have to be rebuilt. Just imagine the simple act of backing up in the built up areas involving convincing traffic to stop for you and give you a window for doing it.  Imagine the tens of thousands of docks that predate 18 wheelers let alone autonomous trucks.  Do you honestly think the money is there at that end to replace anything.  How about unloading.  Have you even seen some of the sketchy places freight gets dropped off at? A robot would go into convulsions.   It will happen but it will take at least 10-20 years for the wet ware at the delivery points to be ready to accept autonomous freight...
Just an opinion of course I did run a warehouse in a previous life though...

The short answer is, of course there is money to do that.

Every objection you present to robotic driving, including enroute challenges, delivery constraints, docking in non-automation friendly arreas, etc. is being addressed successfully. Automated driving is going to be far more accident free than human controlled driving.

I was an air traffic controller for many years. I used to say, and I was right in 1972 when I first said it, that I was in the most short lived profession in the history of the human race. WHY? Simply because computers are far better, quicker and more reliable at spacial visualization, vector probabilities, etc. (which is what is involved in keeping airplanes from hitting each other)  than humans. There still are human ATC specialists, but the computer is gradually taking over the ATC to aircraft (bypassing the pilots too!) commands.

Now if you think that moving things from here to there is not going to be nearly 100% automated (with human supervisors overseeing an entire trucking fleet, not just one vehicle at a time), you are not fully cognizant of the present abilities of computer software with the appropriate sensor IO. I know what I am talking about. I was an automation specialist after being an air traffic contoller. The technology is OLD to move trucks without humans. What is NEW is the lower price for the sensor package needed to do that reliably and safely.

Look, there ain't **** that any of us can do about the robots.  They are going to put us out of work.  Work can be done by robots, robots are getting cheaper by the day.  At this point it's still a viable career option.  Hopefully I can make the money I need in the time I have before robots put me out of work. 

On another note, we just signed a contract for our land...37k.  I'm probably going to pay to have the water, power, and septic dove tailed onto my mom's build with that cash.  Then we'll finance our own double wide and be set, in a doublewide down by the river...a far bit better then a van down by the river. 

11 acres for the bamboo and food forest, a double wide down by the river, and maybe a decade of 50k a year before the robots put me out of work.  Bamboo is virile, it doesn't require tender loving care.  My groves will grow just fine while I'm OTR trucking and so will my food producing trees and shrubbery.  The income will enable me to buy infrastructure for animals and whatnot.  I'll save as much of it as I can.

In the end, the robots will put us all out of work and we'll run out of oil which will put the robots out of work.  It will be game over, and then we can all learn how to be uncomfortable while we transition into 21st century third world dystopian ghettos.

Say what you want about my decision to go truckin'...at least I'm not delusional about it.



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