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Author Topic: Pollution  (Read 25228 times)

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Re: Pollution
« Reply #150 on: January 03, 2015, 07:30:36 pm »
Surly: I ran into this and could just NOT stay away. I concentrated on North Dakota in the hopes of communicating to a certain Fracker Doomer (AND his Gaia worshiping pal who is SUPPOSED to be counseling the fracker to stop this **** or lose a friend! ) the REAL WORLD damage he is doing to ALL of nature, including himself. 

There is no way in hell that the lying sacks of fossil fuel **** that curse the Doomstead Diner (with their endless BULL**** about how "safe" Fracking is when done responsibly, how they are doing it to "help prevent a collapse of civilization",  and how "hysterical" my claims are of the massive damage done to our biosphere by Fracking) can DANCE AROUND THIS (of course they will try  ;) ).

A SUMMARY of what FRACKING has done, AND CONTINUES TO DO, to North Dakota and the life forms that happen to be in the way of Fracking "profits".

12. Steve and Jacki Schilke
Location: Williston Basin, ND
Gas Facility: Oasis gas wells
Exposure: Water- magnesium, manganese, boron and strontium and sulfates; air - benzene,
methane, chloroform, butane, propane, toluene and zylene
Symptoms: Lightheadedness, dizzy and trouble breathing, at times can’t walk
without cane
Symptoms (animal): Dogs and cows sick, death

301. Dustin Bergsing (deceased Jan. 7, 2012)
Location: Dunn County, ND
Gas Facility: Marathon well
Exposure: Air – hydrocarbons
Symptoms: Death from hydrocarbon poisoning

315. Brenda Jorgenson
Location: ND
Gas Facility: Gas wells
Exposure: Air - fumes from fracking chemicals and waste pit
Symptoms: Eyes and throat burn, headaches

326. Darwin Peterson
Location: ND
Gas Facility: Petro Harvester
Exposure: Spill of 2 million gallons of brine
Symptoms: Farm land ruined

335. Daryl Peterson
Location: ND
Gas Facility: Gas production
Exposure: Drilling waste releases
Symptoms: Farm land ruined

336. Linda Monson
Location: Alexander, ND
Gas Facility: Zenergy Inc. wastewater pipeline
Exposure: Land; water - metals and carcinogenic hydrocarbons in the soil, the million
gallon spill wiped
out the creek's fish, turtles, and other life
Symptoms (animal): Wiped out the creek's fish, turtles and other life

351. Jeffery Todd Kinkaid (deceased 2012)
Location: Mountrail County, ND
Gas Facility: Bakken oil rig
Exposure: Tank explosion
Symptoms: Death, burns to 90% of body

580. Victor Boyd
Location: Watford City, ND
Gas Facility: Precision Drilling rig
Exposure: Air - sprayed by a hose carrying drilling fluid and hydrocarbons
Symptoms: Profound burns

779. Mike Krajewski (deceased 2013)
Location: McKenzie County, ND
Gas Facility: Halliburton well site
Exposure: N/A
Symptoms: Death

897. Susan Connell
Location: ND
Gas Facility: Brine tankers
Exposure: H2S
Symptoms: Stabbing pains in her stomach, the prelude to a week-long bout of vomiting

1147. Loren Jepson
Location: Killdeer, ND
Gas Facility: Hess Corp. well pad
Exposure: Water
Symptoms: Clay mud and silt running off the drill pad into his stock dam

1197-1198. Bruce Ford and Rod Law
Location: McKenzie County, ND
Gas Facility: Statoil well
Exposure: Vapors or fumes caught fire
Symptoms: Seriously burned

1354. Coby A Thibodeaux (deceased 2013)
Location: Burke County, ND
Gas Facility: Oasis Petroleum drill site
Exposure: Hit by equipment
Symptoms: Traumatic injury

1761. Steve Jensen
Location: Bismarck, ND
Gas Facility: Tesoro pipeline
Exposure: Land; air
Symptoms: Oil was "spewing and bubbling 6 inches high, spill covered 7.3 acres. Land is no
longer usable for planting."We expect not to be able to farm that ground for several years"

1777. Anonymous
Location: Williston, ND
Gas Facility: Oasis Petroleum brine pipeline
Exposure: Land – brine spill
Symptoms: Saltwater affected an area of farm field – soil will be remediated

2479. Pat Hedstrup
Location: Dickinson, ND
Gas Facility: Oil and gas production
Exposure: Air
Symptoms: “Sometimes the hay has so much dirt the cattle won’t even lay on it.” Open
range cattle in North Dakota have begun to die from dust pneumonia; cattle reject the dustladen

2480. Shelly Ventsch
Location: New Town, ND
Gas Facility: Oil and gas production
Exposure: Land
Symptoms: Property trashed

2481. Mike Artz
Location: Bottineau County, ND
Gas Facility: Fractured pipeline
Exposure: Land
Symptoms: Pipeline released a substantial amount of saltwater; samples of barley showed
severely stunted growth.

2482. Anonymous
Location: Bottineau County, ND
Gas Facility: Gas and oil production
Exposure: Land - 150 acres contaminated with salts
Symptoms: Owner requested that the site be cleaned up but nothing was done. Several
attempts at planting crops on the contaminated land failed.

REMEMBER FOLKS, all the above are just "isolated incidents" and the "science isn't in" that fracking is bad for you and the biosphere as told us by Frackers and other Fossil Fuel supporting perfidious energy "experts" of various levels of bufoonery and erudite baloney spouting.

Here's the latest three "isolated incidents" that people like MKing and Roamer justify as being "necessary" for them to "put food on the table".  SO IT GOES...

6754. Unnamed creek (Sept. 31st, 2014)
Location: Bowman County, ND
Gas Facility: Denbury Onshore pipeline
Exposure: Water – 2,000 barrel leak of fluids used for enhanced oil recovery.
Symptoms: The water had flowed into a nearby creek and no water could be recovered.
Monitoring will continue.

6753. Lake Sakakawea tributary
Location: McKenzie County, ND
Gas Facility: Oasis Petroleum pipeline
Exposure: Land; water
Symptoms: 42,000 gallon spill of wastewater, damaged vegetation, 6-inches of topsoil

7512. Blaine Otto (deceased 2013)
Location: Keene, ND
Gas Facility: Newfield Exploration well
Exposure: Air
Symptoms: Death

List of the Harmed

Agelbert Suggestion to people who can still add and subtract: Do your part. Tell the truth about Fracking. If you have a friend who justifies fracking, tell him he stops fracking or he loses a friend, PERIOD!

A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance showed that the cost of renewable energy is now $80/MWh versus the cost of new build coal fired generation of $143/Mwh and new build gas fired generation of $116/MWh.

Myth Busters: the top 4 myths about renewable energy debunked!
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Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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