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Author Topic: 🚩 Global Climate Chaos ☠️  (Read 82823 times)

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Re: 🚩 Global Climate Chaos ☠️
« Reply #1125 on: October 31, 2017, 05:00:46 pm »


There hasn’t been this much CO2 in the air in 3 million years. We have to stop, UN warns



It doesn’t look pretty. Overall, the document reports, in 2016, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 hit 403.3 parts per million (ppm), up from 400ppm in 2015.

“It is the largest increase we have ever seen in the 30 years we have had this network,” Dr Oksana Tarasova, chief of WMO’s global atmosphere watch programme, told BBC news.

“The largest increase was in the previous El Nińo, in 1997-1998, and it was 2.7ppm; and now it is 3.3ppm. It is also 50% higher than the average of the last 10 years.”


Methane (CH4)

One more worrying trend seen by the WMO is a currently-unexplained increase of atmospheric methane  , also larger than the average over the past decade. Growth was strongest in the tropics and subtropics, and carbon isotope analysis has revealed the growth is not released by burning fossil fuels; it’s not clear where it is coming from. The worst-case scenario, researchers fear, is that we’re looking at the start of a feedback mechanism.

full article:


Agelbert NOTE: Guess what tiny colony living insect, with a GIGANTIC total biomass on earth, which also just happens to THRIVE on HOT WEATHER (i.e. they live mostly in the tropics and subtropics which just happen to be getting a lot hotter because of Global Warming) produces a LOT of methane (MUCH more than cows, pound for pound) as part of their normal metabolic process?

Termite Metabilism

But there is more to this story that is severely lacking in big picture analysis of cause and effect. The Fossil Fuel Industry is NOT off the hook, though the article on methane wants to make it look that way.

WHY is the Fossil Fuel Industry the main culprit here? Isotope analysis of methane means the type of carbon isotope in the methane, because the isotopes of hydrogen are the ones the nuclear bomb makers (see "heavy" water) and nuclear power plants (see tritium and deuterium) control rather effectively.

So, how do they "know" the carbon isotope in the CH4 is not from burning fossil fuels?

12C & 13C:

These two stable isotopes of carbon are found naturally on Earth. Living matter (i.e., bacteria and plants) takes up carbon through CO2 in the atmosphere. This matter is often isotopically selective, generally preferring to break the weaker, light-isotope bonds. Fractionation is constrained to definable ranges for relatively stable environmental conditions. Measuring this fraction, 13C/12C or d13C, enables the research scientist to determine a variety of factors regarding a particular sample.

Logically, the assumption the scientists quoted in the article must have made is that the extra CH4 in the tropics and subtropics is from living metabolic processes because it mostly contains the weaker, light-isotope bond carbon atoms.

But the Fossil Fuel Industry rampant burning of fossil fuels, which causes global warming, is the reason MORE metabolic activity from gut baccteria in the tropics and subtropics is occurring.

Also, I am flabbergasted by the article's silence on the massive increase in methane now occurring in the arctic due to thawing permafrost and thawing clathrates on the sea bed. I mean, they write an article making it rather clear that we are in a horribly dire runaway greenhouse and decide NOT to talk about the rapid increase in methane emissions in the arctic? 

And what about all those leaking, recently tapped out fracked wells. that produce methane? Are they trying to avoid discussing the increase in methane in the USA and Canada because, conveniently, the EPA REFUSES to measure it? It sure looks that way.  >:(

So, yeah, methane producing gut (and ground) bacteria are very happy with increased average global temperatures. And, yeah, methane in that ground is going to be mostly the light carbon isotope type. But the methane from fracked wells is proportionately increasing as more fracking is done. Anybody that has a shred of scientific objectivity must assume that there is MORE methane being released now that there are MORE fracked wells out there, both active and inactive, contributing to the methane problem. Methane is 86 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2. so you don't need a lot of it to goose global warming.

I am rather sick of these articles that go out of there way to let the fossil fuel polluters off the hook. The fossil Fuel Industry is THE CAUSE of all the warming. They need to be held responsible for the increased bacteria producing methane as well as as the increased fracked gas methane.

But the article does provide a great tallking point to knock down one of the fossil fuel industry's favorite duplicitous claims. They claim that CH4 (i.e. methane) from fracked wells and also the refining of crude oil is "natural" gas. It is, CLEARLY, because of its carbon isotope content, NOT NATURAL (i.e. not from bacterial metabolism). Only methane from cows, pig poop, human poop, tundra thawing anaerobic processes, termites, etc. is NATURAL gas. Tell them that methane from fossil fuel industry activity is UNnatural gas. Tell them that carbon isotope ratios prove that. Tell them they are full of baloney when they claim their crap polluting product is "natural" gas. Tell them they should stop lying to people about that.

Then ignore the verbal effluent they spew out.

The Fossil Fuelers DID THE Clean Energy  Inventions suppressing, Climate Trashing, human health depleting CRIME,   but since they have ALWAYS BEEN liars and conscience free crooks, they are trying to AVOID   DOING THE TIME or     PAYING THE FINE!     Don't let them get away with it! Pass it on!   
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