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Author Topic: 🚩 Global Climate Chaos ☠️  (Read 36018 times)

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Re: 🚩 Global Climate Chaos ☠️
« Reply #1680 on: March 18, 2019, 09:18:25 pm »
The FACT that the current incredibly STUPID energy status quo GUARANTEES an INCREASE in the human carbon footprint IS THE ISSUE HERE, Einstein.

THAT is the the REASON we MUST HAVE a GREEN NEW DEAL, that in addition to the one presented, is FAR more ambitious in scale and in scope.

This might shock you, but believe it or not, I'm not against a Green New Deal.
 I'm against:
#1. Political opportunist with Grand Designs schemes that CLEARLY haven't been THOUGHT OUT CAREFULLY.
#2. Political opportunist who want to convince every citizens they can lead the country because they read a 3$ book on climate change they bought at the library 6 months ago.

What would need to be done to have a REMOTE chance of just MITIGATING the worst outcome would require to have the CONSENT of NOT ONLY the US population, but eventually that of all countries. It would require the PLANNED end of CAPITALISM by CONSENSUS.

That's not going to happen. 100% renewables ain't going to happen in my lifetime.
What's going to happen is going to happen; the best we can do is spread the knowledge that explains WHY we got into that [S ]ituation ; it's the best way, actually, the only way to achieve maximum cooperation when things get a little dicey...

Maybe you should have a glass of wine while listening to George Carlin's "Saving the Planet" skits ...

Cheers !

Man can do what he will, but he cannot will what he wills.
~A. Schopenhauer

Man can do what he will, AND he can, SOMETIMES, but not ALWAYS, will what he wills.
There, fixed that fer ya!

Nothing you say shocks me because you constantly, and smugly, engage in serial pejorative hyperbole with the express purpose of disdaining any possibility of success for a GND program that is based on sine qua non human survival requirements. The REALLY OPPORTUNISTIC BASTARDS are in the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries, though you can't seem to bring yourself to recognize that FACT of corrupted government life. Then again, maybe you do recognize it and could care less.

True, you can claim that BECAUSE our government is so corrupted, we do not have a prayer of getting a massive Green New Deal on steroids going for the forseable future. I strongly disagree. Those pollution profiting corrupters of good government are having their profits eaten alive by Demand Destruction CAUSED by more and more Renewables coming on line. They are LOSING political power they must have to corrupt our government much faster than folks like you realize.

NO, we do NOT need 100% of the people to be on board. ALREADY, over 70% of the American public IS on board. Your "nobody wants to spend more than $3 a month on climate change" is laughable, despite some baloney poll just published. We spend a LOT MORE than THAT on subsidies NOW.


You believe that ain't gonna happen (here, or anywhere else on the planet - I guess Costa Rica at 98% Renewable Energy, the Netherlands and Norway, doing quite well too, do not exist. I guess Germany getting 60% of there juice from wind so far in March is "irrelevant". I guess The U.K. getting 35% of their juice from wind so far this year is also "irrelevant".) The efforts of all those countries I just named (plus Portugal and Spain, also China is no sluggard on Renewable Energy either) evidence that you are wrong.

Sing all the Carlin nihilist songs you want, pal. The move to deep six all this stupid, corrupt, inefficient polluting energy crap you think is "impossible" to change is much further advanced than the media will let on (thanks to fossil fuel propagnada money).

Did you even LOOK at the map I linked? did you SEE the MASSIVE amount of wind (on shore AND offshore) resources and solar resources and geothermal resources? OF COURSE NOT!

Did you LOOK at the geothermal power plants and all the Solar and Wind and Battery and Renewable Energy Harvesting facilities in operation? OF COURSE NOT!

Your inability to question your nihilist ideology is the hallmark of ideological bigotry. Your posturing and insufferably arrogant attitude is tiresome, as well as self defeating.

If you wish to convince people of your views, I suggest you try to be respectful. That works a lot better than using too clever by a half sophistry to try to position yourself as the "teacher" of "wisdom and truth" to the student, sonny boy.

Humility isn't your thing. I get that. People who lack humility have great difficulty learning from people they do not consider an "authority". You have obviously classified me as one beneath you in knowledge of Climate Science, Renewable Energy technology and planetary biosphere ecology. Consequently, you will, despite the energy use and abuse facts in my posts, irrationally reject just about every bit of graphic and/or statistical evidence I present to you that undermines your "there is no hope" world view. 👎
Seven years of posts here by yours truly speak for themselves. You are free to reject everything I say, as you have mostly done to date, of course.

You, and people that share your "it can't be done" views, are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I KNOW what CAN be done and what CAN'T be done. 

I am convinced by your puffery that you do not. If you begin repeating your tired nihilistic arguments, your posts will be deleted as soon as I read them. I will not allow polluter propaganda demonizing Renewable Energy and Social Justice solutions to our climate Crisis on this forum. Have a nice day.
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