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Author Topic: Global Warming is WITH US  (Read 27904 times)

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Re: Global Warming is WITH US
« Reply #1575 on: December 07, 2018, 02:38:34 pm »
Re: Watson comes out in favor of the Mass Murder of Billions of People 

If that can be scientifically proven, then I may be in favor of the power down. But it can't be, because we are talking about extremely complex systems. Who knows, a power down may not even be enough to stop the warming at this point, which means we would be adding more suffering and death for nothing.

It can't be scientifically proven there would be millions of deaths either if we power down, but you are willing to buy that one.  That is hypocritical.


Probably true. Which is why I would hold to this general maxim - don't tinker with complex systems until we more fully understand them, because we're much more likely to make things worse than better. Related to that but also distinct - there is a big price to pay from ceding such power to the government (mandated power down) and we better be damn sure it is necessary to pay before forking it over.

The best scientific evidence to date shows that if we don't significantly reduce carbon emmissions inside the next 10 years, thousands of cities along the coasts will be inundated and billions of people will DIE, along with a significant portion of the animal kingdom as well.  What we are doing now is not decreasing carbon emissions, but rather increasing them.  The only way to reduce these emissions significantly is to remove the source of them, primarily things like automobiles and planes and the factories that produce them.  This is not geoengineering, it's just putting a stop to what is quite obviously killing the planet.  If you are not in favor of putting a stop to this, you are in favor of mass murdering Billions of people, far more than I ever dreamed of doing.  That is what the scientific evidence says.


Can you link specific studies which predict this? And which show that power down is likely to have enough impact to stop it?

The information is endless and produced by numerous scientists and agencies, from the IPCC to NASA and many more.


Research it yourself.


👍 😎

Don't hold your breath waiting for Watson to research Climate Change. The old "can you reference dis, dat and de udder" apparantly innocent, but thoroughly disingenuos, request for info (data request wild goose chase fallacious debating technique) is something he has pulled repeatedly for the past five years here (at least) every time the ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE (which of course includes millions of unnecessary deaths of humans and many other life forms which he won't admit to until he reads it in Forbes or the Wall Street Journal) caused by burning fossil fuels is brought up. Watson has his pitch and his story, and he is gonna stick to it as long as his status quo loving ass can benefit from the present unsustainable, biosphere destroying, CAPITALIST status quo.

Watson does not want you and me, or anybody else, to "Tinker with a complex  (i.e. CAPITALIST PROFIT OVER PEOPLE AND PLANET) system" because said system has "proven" to be the best, super duper, good economic system benevolently feeding the hungry and poor masses of the world, compared with all those "failed, miserable, snobish, murderous, nonsensical SOCIALST systems, that have been "unsuccessfully" tried over and over and over (according to Watson 😇, a self declared authority on the definition of Socialism and it's history). Watson however, can never seem to link CAPITALISM with CLIMATE CHANGE because, uh, he doesn't feel "confident" enough on the matter to TINKER (i.e. criticize CAPITALIST PROFIT OVER PEOPLE AND PLANET IDEOLOGY) with the present, very, very "complex system" the is such a benefit to the poor of this world.

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