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Author Topic: Future Earth  (Read 10562 times)

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Re: Future Earth
« Reply #285 on: March 02, 2018, 06:01:38 pm »
Planet at "very high risk" for extreme warming

That says we will have +1.5C by 2040, but doesn't say what amount of FFs will be burned up till then (presumably lots).  This is where the error slips in - it implies there will be no World Peak Crude Oil before 2040, which what the BAU-worshipping media want you to believe.  Even with the active help of PotUS, CONgress and MSM, they can't make it happen.

Do you ever get tired of repeating the same mendacious happy talk over and over?

Do some research and learn a thing or two. LNG production has gone through the ROOF, with no end in sight! BAU annual FF production in the worse case IPCC scenarios (including IPCC RCP-8.5) is LESS than what is NOW BEING PRODUCED annually WORLDWIDE! That's right! NONE of the projections in the models expected the massive produciton levels we are NOW at. The USA is on it's way to being the largest exporter of fossil fuels on this horrendously polluted planet.

GET OVER yourself and your pathetic view that a collapse of human civilization will "save" the biosphere. There is NO collapse anywhere in sight! The Panama Canal more than tripled its LNG ship movement last year. Container ships had a BANNER year in cargo. Crude Oil Tankers are going NUTS carrying crude all over the planet. Are you INSANE!!? Do you have any idea how much METHANE, otherwise known as "natural" (LOL!) gas, is going to be EASY to extract from an ice free arctic? Did you know that Russia is COUNTING on and PLANNING ON DOING THAT? Of course you DON'T! Because you don't want to accept that your beloved polluting fossil fuel CRAP ISN'T RUNNING OUT ANY TIME SOON.

You can be as reality challenged as you wish, Palloy. There is nothing I can do about your rather extreme irrationality.

Unlike you, I face facts. I am not happy about those facts. BUT, I don't go around spreading happy talk BULLSHIT to deny the horrendously destructive trajectory we are on. Have a nice day.
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