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Author Topic: Future Earth  (Read 13134 times)

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Re: Future Earth
« Reply #315 on: April 18, 2019, 07:21:12 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: This video has some cool special effects, but it is way too optimistic, tragically so, about how things will be in the year 2100. Notice the military two jets (obviously running on FOSSIL FUELS) in one of the scenes. WTF was THAT about if not some clever subliminal message that BiG Oil and the Pentagon bloated budget are STILL GONNA BE HERE.

The discussion of melting glaciers gives the erroneous impression that there will still BE some ice left on glaciers in the year 2100. We will be lucky to have any ice on land based glaciers (outside of Greenland and Antarctica) by 2050!

Finally, there is ZERO talk about the horrendously high 🌡️ temperatures that will be killing people on most of the planet long before 2100.

IOW, the whole video is designed to take the edge off the extreme urgency of dealing with this Catastrophic Climate Change existential crisis now by showing a bit of flooding by the year 2100. Don't be lulled by this happy talk disguised as a "warning".

Both the temperatures AND the flooding will be far worse than this video assumes.

Enjoy the video but don't forget that the video failed to mention that over HALF of all the polluting emissions driving this sea level and temperature rise happened AFTER the year 2000! Showing a glacier in 1851 and then in 2019 serves only to cloud the urgency of dealing with the RECENT emissions that have already baked in over 4 degrees Celcius 😱 of temperature rise into our climate "cake".

Associated article:

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