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Author Topic: Plants Which are BOTH Nutritional and Medicinal  (Read 9134 times)

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Re: Plants Which are BOTH Nutritional and Medicinal
« on: May 07, 2014, 06:07:00 am »
So, does that mean you DON'T eat the celery leaves because of what you learned in college about the Solanaceae family?

Your broad stroke condemnation of alkaloids is  reductionist and unscientific, JDwheeler.  Shame on you. 

Now then, if you want to pursue the ardent sophistry of a 14 kt Gold example of an argumentative ARSE, GIANT PRIDE FILLED EGO that believes humility and/or admitting fault, regardless of the reality of the fault, is a "weakness"( like RE ), just go to the links and

A: Undermine the credentials of the article writers.
B: Question the validity of the claims and research as "unproven speculation" and "dangerously irresponsible".
C: Label my response to your comment as "fringe" science, "not accepted by academia with rigorous peer review". 
D: Give me a "friendly" reminder that I am "embarrassing" myself with such "unscientific" claims.

But THIS is what a responsible scientist does when chastened for spreading erroneous assumptions:

I'm sorry, by no means did I mean to imply that you shouldn't eat celery leaves; indeed, there is a variety known as "cutting celery" that does not produce usable stalks at all and is just used for for the leaves.

Nor were my statements meant to be a blanket condemnation of alkaloids in general.  Rather, they were precautionary in nature, that certain things are better left alone IF you don't know what you are doing.  YOU obviously do, but I don't want someone thinking that stuff that looks celery or carrots are generally safe.

I am sorry if I ruffled your feathers, but I must admit I am glad I prodded you into providing the mini-lesson on alkaloids.


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